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Break-in stopped at Transport compound, Comox, with Sonitrol verified securitys system

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 29, 2010 2:21:00 PM



"As a transportation company, we have experienced break-ins to our compounds and trailers. In an effort to better protect our clients product I started researching security options back in early 2007. This research included contacting police departments and industry colleagues to ask them what we could do to better protect our facilities.


I kept getting the same advice; call Sonitrol.


We have employed your systems at 2 of our facilities and last week your operations team detected a thief entering our Webster compound. The Delta police response was extreme; multiple uniformed officers who created a perimeter and a couple undercover officers who entered our site under the guise of “helping” the thief, making the “take down” safe and uneventful. I am completely impressed with the effectiveness of your system and actions of your operations team and the response you garnered from Delta Police. I also thought it was cool that I could watch this apprehension on your website.


Keep up the good work and please pass our thanks along to the Delta Police for introducing us to Sonitrol and for apprehending this thief in the act."


Jay Meehan, Comox Valley Dist. Ltd




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