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Police Respond to Sonitrol Verified Alarm In Less Than 60 Seconds

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 26, 2015 6:42:00 AM


"Dear Travis:

I am writing to say a HUGE thanks to you, the Sherwood Park RCMP, their 911 operators and their cooperation with the Sonitrol Monitoring Staff!

At 1:00 am this morning, our Sonavision Live Monitored Video system detected a thief in our tire compound and immediately dispatched the Sherwood Park RCMP. The responding officer was on the scene less than 60 seconds later and tracked this thief as he attempted to flee our compound through the hole he had cut in our fence. A chase began on foot, and as the thief back-tracked to our compound he got in a U-Haul cube truck he has aquired to load our tires into. It became a car chase...with the thief attempting to ram the police vehicles. This thief was finally apprehended after a car chase in the surrounding area. Const. Travis went to great lengths to catch the individuals responsible, offering up much of his time and extra resources. He would drive by our location during his night shifts to monitor any suspicious activity evident from the quick response time.


We are thrilled with this remarkably quick response from the RCMP and applaud the courage and diligence of our local RCMP members. Thank you again!"

Yours Sincerely,

Jamie Adolf, Kal Tire Sherwood Park
27 Strathmoor Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta



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