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Sonitrol Live Monitored Video Stops Thief at Kal Tire Edmonton

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 28, 2015 6:58:00 AM


"Dear Mike:

I am writing to say Thank You to the Edmonton Police and their Dog Team for their outstanding response and capture in our compound very early this morning!

Your Sonavision Live Monitored Video System picked up an intruder breaking into our tire compound just after 3:45 AM this morning. Your monitoring staff dispatched Edmonton Police immediately and they responded in just a few moments and in force with both Officers and Dogs...capturing this thief before he could make off with anything!


It is great to have a security system that we can believe in - and that the Police believe in. The Sonitrol system is like an eye witness, live on the scene seeing everything, and talking to the Police! The Police KNOW that a B&E is happening...and they show up to deal with matters accordingly!

Again, please pass along a huge Thank You to the Edmonton Police and their responding officers for their great work earlier this morning."


Jeff Leyer, Branch Manager, Kal Tire Edmonton
1420 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, Alberta


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