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RCMP suggests that Guillevin International installs Sonitrol verified electronic security system

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 29, 2010 9:10:00 AM



"Four years ago our Western Canadian branches started experiencing repeated break-ins that our conventional alarms were not deterring. The thieves were having their way with us, and the police had no opportunity to apprehend the thieves because of the inherent delays experienced by conventional alarms and verified dispatch policies.


We asked the RCMP for some suggestions on what we could do to stop these break-ins and they said to call Sonitrol. When I spoke with our Corporate Office to discuss what the RCMP had recommended, they agreed. It turns out that Sonitrol had been protecting our facilities in Eastern Canada for years after the Ontario Provincial Police had recommended calling Joe at Sonitrol.


We installed your systems in our facilities and compounds and the break-ins stopped immediately. This tells me that professional thieves know who Sonitrol is and will not risk playing with you guys until our break-in earlier this week.


On Sunday morning, your operations team detected thieves in our compound stealing conduit and immediately dispatched police. The police response was fast but the thieves were in and out in two minutes. With the video your team provided, police were able to confirm who the thieves were and attend at their residence to make an arrest and get our stolen property back. Clearly these were amateur thieves who did not know who Sonitrol is and how the police respond to your calls for service.


Please send our thanks to the RCMP for introducing us to Sonitrol, apprehending the thieves and recovering our product."


Rob Tate, Vice President & General Manager




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