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Sonitrol security system gets prompt response from the RCMP called to MTI Compound

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 9, 2010 9:05:00 AM



"As with most electrical companies we have experienced numerous successful compound break-ins. We have tried DVR based pull video systems and have been disappointed as we found them to be ineffective.


On Wednesday morning we had a dispatch to our Sonavision protected MTI compound. As you promised, your operators detected thieves who were searching for copper to steal. They immediately dispatched the Burnaby RCMP who responded within minutes. Although the thieves hid from the RCMP and escaped through our neighbour's yard, we are impressed with the prompt police response. Please let the RCMP know that when responding to our compound they will have a better opportunity to apprehend these thieves if they enter our compound from 7635 South Fraser Way. This is the property that border our directly to the north and seems to be favored entry and exit point for the thieves.


We hope that these thieves have been scared by this close call and have learned that our Sonavision system gets a prompt response from the RCMP and the risk of apprehension is high, so stay away.


Please pass our thank you along to our operations staff and the RCMP on a job well done!"


Graham Trafford, MTI - Division of Mott




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