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Sonitrol security system protects Wesco Distribution's warehouse and compound

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 26, 2011 7:59:00 AM



"We have had Sonitrol protecting our warehouse and compound since 2007. We switched to your Verified Audio and Sonavision after numerous successful break-ins and referrals from Police and security consultants.


Within a couple of weeks of going live, Sonitrol detected and Burnaby RCMP apprehended 2 separate criminal groups as they broke into our compound. We were very thankful for the prioritized response from the RCMP and until earlier this month we had not experienced any additional break-ins. This would suggest that criminals know who Sonitrol is and how quickly Police respond to your verified dispatches.


Well, an uneducated thief tried to steal from our compound earlier this month on October 6th at 8:27pm. Your operators detected this thief and dispatched Burnaby RCMP who again responded promptly and apprehended him.


We are keeping score: RCMP 3 - Criminals 0! Please pass our thanks along to your operators, RCMP dispatch and the responding officers for another job well done. We are pleased to be able to give Police the verified tools they require to capture thieves and reduce criminal activity through apprehensions."


Jeff MacPherson, Wesco Distribution - Burnaby Branch





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