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Sonitrol verified security system helps catch thief at RMC Ready-Mix Ltd.

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 2, 2009 9:31:00 AM



"We have employed Sonavision monitored video at our Concrete Plants since early in 2006.


We were brought to Sonitrol through a referral from our police contacts after we had experienced numerous break-ins to our plant and equipment compounds. Our thieves would target anything they could return to a metal recycler, such as our aluminum delivery truck concrete placement chutes. These chutes are not necessarily expensive, but when they are stolen, we are unable to use the delivery truck until a replacement chute can be procured. Being unable to deliver concrete significantly impacts our clients and can cost us future business.


The RCMP told us that unlike conventional alarm companies, Sonitrol could provide us with verified monitored Sonavision to protect our equipment. They also told us that they prioritize their response to these verified Sonitrol calls for service. This was proven last week when we had a thief attack one of our service trucks on Mitchell Island. The Sonavision system detected the thief as he started breaking into the parts compartment of our vehicle. The RCMP were dispatched and the thief was captured on site. The video clips were also provided to the RCMP and Crown Counsel for this criminal’s court date.


Please pass our thanks on to the Richmond RCMP and your Central Station staff for a combined job well done!"


Gary Whipple, President & General Manager




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