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Surrey Chamber of Commerce recommends Sonitrol verified security systems because of their reliable technology

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 3, 2006 11:28:00 AM



"As Executive Director of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce and a former business owner myself, I am exposed to many businesses and have been introduced to many security providers. I am delighted to see Sonitrol's verified security technology available to businesses in the Lower Mainland and commend them for their use of reliable technology and no small amount of security ingenuity.


Over the years the Chamber Offices have been the target of repeated break-ins. In a recent break-in the thieves actually gained access by punching through an interior stairwell wall into our offices. The aim of this particular group of thieves was to by pass the conventional alarm systems by avoiding the movement sensors in the entrance area. To make matters worse, when the motion sensors did detect the thieves, our alarm company was forced to send a guard response who took over 20 minutes to arrive and did not even notice that a break-in had occurred due to the front entrance appearing secure. My understanding is that due to a very high number of false alarms police will no longer respond to conventional alarms and require a security guard to response and verify a break in before they will respond themselves.


As a result of our own office problems on how to resolve our break-in situation I came to understand that having a verified system was a better approach. Sonitrol were recommended to us as they are security consultants and provide a verified technology that detects break-ins as entry is attempted. This means that Sonitrol's verified alarms receive a prioritized police response.


Since installing Sonitrol last fall, we have not had a false alarm or a break-in attempt. In addition we have had a number of courteous reminder calls when we have forgotten to alarm the office at the close of business. We are confident that the Sonitrol team is working on our behalf and it would appear that even the criminals know who Sonitrol is, and have moved on to "softer" targets.


Now that I know Sonitrol and have experienced their system and their customer service I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering installing or upgrading their alarm system, Sonitrol's business decision to ensure that all their systems are verified has certainly earned my support."


Peter Holt, Executive Director




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