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Thief apprehended at Whitewater West Industries with Sonitrol verified audio security system

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 29, 2009 9:15:00 AM



"Whitewater West Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of waterpark apparatuses such as waterslides, interactive play structures and wave pool equipment.


We were introduced to Sonitrol a few years ago by the Richmond RCMP after our offices were the repeat target of computer thieves. At their recommendation, we installed Sonitrol’s verified audio into our offices and have not had an office break-in since. I guess this is proof that the burglars know who Sonitrol is and will not risk breaking into Sonitrol protected facilities.


When we installed the office audio system we mentioned to your team that (as with any manufacturer) facility space limitations force us to leave much of our raw materials and finished products in our fenced compound. In doing so, we attracted the numerous metal thieves who survived on stealing materials from our compound and selling those materials to unscrupulous metal recyclers. This theft activity caused numerous hardships for us; we had to purchase replacement materials; we were challenged to find immediate replacement materials to complete projects on time, we were forced to repair completed projects. This caused us financial hardship and harmed our reputation with our clients if projects could not be completed on time. Of course, we tried to stop these thieves by employing barbed wire, recorded CCTV, guard dogs and human guards. None of these deterred or apprehended these thieves!


Your team said: "no problem; we can solve your compound problems by installing Sonavision monitored video." I am pleased to report that recently we had a thief apprehended in our compound by the RCMP as he was shopping for materials to steal.


Please send our thank-you along to the Richmond RCMP for introducing us to Sonitrol and for apprehending this recent thief!"


Tim Boothman, VP Manufacturing




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