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Terra Nova installs Sonitrol verififed security system to protect against metal theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 5, 2008 10:29:00 AM



"We have had Sonavision installed in our yard for the past year or two. We installed your monitored video as a proactive effort to protect our business against the metal thefts that plague our industry.


We had not had a break-in to our compound prior to the other day. However, in broad daylight two thieves cut the lock off our compound gates, drove into our yard with a “U-Haul” rental van and proceeded to load metal into this van. Unknown to them, your monitoring staff were watching as they entered the compound and proceeded to dispatch Delta Police who attended very promptly and apprehended these two thieves on site. When I asked the police why they attended so quickly; they advised that they always respond quickly to Sonitrol Verified alarms, as they are always real and give them a great opportunity to catch thieves in the act.


Please pass our thanks along to your monitoring staff and the Delta Police as we greatly appreciate their efforts."


Rob Gutjahr , President




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