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'United We Can' is very happy they purchased a VERIFIED Security System from Sonitrol

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 13, 2014 11:45:00 AM

United Way


"Dear Mike;


 We recently opened our new facility and went live with your VERIFIED Audio Intrusion System coupled with your Sonavision Live Monitored Video just 3 weeks ago on May 8th.


I am writing to thank the Vancouver Police Department and your central station monitoring staff for their outstanding teamwork in apprehending the thief who brok into our warehouse late last night! Your monitoring staff detected this thief immediately as he entered our building and stayed on the line with the VPD 911 operators for the 3+ minutes the attending officers were en route and inside our facility; directly the officers to exactly where the thief was in our building, and apprehending him without incident.


We are very happy we made the decision to invest to install your verified security system from the start. We had quotes from other alarm companies that were half the cost of yours; but know that an alarm bell ringing or a strobe light flashing do nothing to deter criminals... and with no ability to confirm a break-in, those systems are a complete waste of money.


Again, a huge Thank You to the VPD, the 911 operators and the Sonitrol central station monitoring staff for their outstanding work!





Gerry Martin, General Manager, United We Can


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