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Sonivision is Behind Another Tire Thief Being Apprehended in British Columbia

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 12, 2019 11:25:13 AM

Dear Mike,

I am writing to thank the Chilliwack RCMP, their 911 staff and your Sonitrol operators for their great work in catching the thief who broke into our tire storage yard just before 1:00 AM this morning! Your monitoring staff detected this thief immediately as he entered our yard and stayed on the line with the 911 operators for the few minutes it took the responding officers to get here and arrest this thief.

There are many businesses in our area that believe our community is under siege from criminals. It feels great to be using technology that confirms these property breaches for the RCMP so that they can get here in a hurry, take these thieves down and get them off our streets.

We installed your Sonavision Live Monitored Video back in 2016 and the RCMP have made countless arrests in our yard since that time. Thank you again to the Chilliwack RCMP, their 911 staff and your Sonitrol operators!



Topics: Security for Fenced Compounds, Security for Warehouses & Manufacturing, Criminal Apprehension

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