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You want a security system that gets police to you fast. Police across Western Canada give Sonitrol Western Canada calls top priority because our alarms are verified by experts.



Listen to clips of actual arrests on audio security and hear the difference for yourself.

Since 1978, more than 175,000 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers have been arrested due to the detection of a threat by a Sonitrol security system.


Intelligent Burglar Alarms, Monitored By Professionals


Typical burglar alarm companies have false alarms 98% of the time. This is unacceptable.


Sonitrol Western Canada`s audio and video security technology allows our operators to verify whether a break-in is in progress, or if it's a false alarm. This keeps our false alarm rate low at an industry low 3% and our arrest rate very high. When police get a call from Sonitrol Western Canada they know it's real and they respond.


Sonitrol`s monitoring experts hear, analyze and report noises inside a protected building. This gives police accurate, real-time information while they are en route to the scene.


Early and verified detection means we have strong working relationships with law enforcement agencies.


Boasting the highest criminal apprehension rate in the security industry, it's no wonder Sonitrol Western Canada has very happy customers and excellent community relations with law enforcement and police departments across our region.


Therefore we're very proud of our reputation supporting and assisting law enforcement agencies and local police departments across Western Canada.


Verified Audio and Video Alarms Make The Difference!


Sonitrol is renown for increasing criminal apprehension rates by helping law enforcement identify true security events. This ability is increasingly important as more and more communities adopt Verified Video Surveillance Response policies.


And our very low 3-percent false alarm rate, coupled with the partnerships Sonitrol has built with local police, are why the men and women in blue hurry to Sonitrol alarms ... and not to others.


  • We have the best apprehension rate in the industry (over 175,000 apprehensions to date!).
  • We have the fewest dispatches for false alarms (Less than 3% vs. a 98% from the rest of the alarm industry).
  • We have early detection, full verification and 100% coverage, we make it easy for you to protect your business.
  • Our commitment to service is backed by our unique guarantee. It's something unverified conventional alarm companies simply cannot guarantee!



Check Out Our Real Criminal Captures:



Read our client testimonials of real life criminal experiences and satisfaction with Sonitrol’s verified video security and monitoring services.


We're Available to Share our Knowledge with Community Groups and the Security Industry


To compliment his work at Sonitrol, Joe Wilson, Owner of Sonitrol Western Canada, also works as a security consultant and regularly host training symposiums for law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, security consultants and private companies.


When it comes to understanding and catching criminals, Joe has seen and done his fair share. His training and expertise allows him to reach out and share knowledge on:


  • How criminals gain entry to facilities without tripping conventional alarms.
  • How to make facilities more physically secure.
  • What to look for in a criminal.
  • How police react to alarms and the implementation of verified only police response.



BC Crime Prevention Association Testimonial:



logo-bccrimeprev"I am writing to express a thank you for your partnership with the BC Crime Prevention Association over the past two years.


Two years ago, we installed a Sonitrol security system in the newly established Crime Prevention Centre of BC. The installation was prompt and professional. Since then, your office manager has been in regular contact to ensure our needs are being met and your monitoring station has proven to be very proactive and committed.


Recently, we had a break in which the Sonitrol monitoring station was able to coordinate with New Westminster Police in a very timely and effective manner resulting in the arrest of the person breaking in.


The technology used by your company, combined with the professional, skilled staff you employ have made for an excellent partnership ensuring the Crime Prevention Centre is secure.


Keep up the good work."


David Duckworth 
Executive Director




London Police Testimonial:


logo-londonpolice"As the London Police Alarm Control Coordinator I have had the opportunity to work with many international and privately owned and operated alarm businesses, however I have never dealt with a more professional and reliable company than Sonitrol.


London police dispatchers and officers are convinced that Sonitrol is the most reliable system on the market today. Apprehensions at break and enters to businesses protected by Sonitrol can only be attributed to your new age technology. The London Police have experienced more success with Sonitrol than all other alarm companies combined.


Thank you for your contribution to the safety of our wonderful city."


Constable Clare Shantz,

London Police Alarm Coordinator

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No other Security Provider can match Sonitrol's Service Guarantees

Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityPerformance Warranty: Sonitrol will pay for the first $5,000 of any loss if a forced entry is not detected.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecuritySatisfaction Guarantee: We'll refund your installation fee and remove our equipment if you are dissatisfied with our service in the first 6 months.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityEmergency Service Guarantee: Sonitrol guarantees the on-site arrival of a service technician the same day you call.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityFalse Alarm Guarantee: Fine recovery assistance for any dispatched false alarms. Rapid response by Police to Sonitrol verified alarms.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityCrime Deterrent: With over 175,000 criminal captures, and the highest apprehension rate in the industry, thieves avoid Sonitrol-monitored sites. 

We're so confident in our technology and responsive service, that no one else in the commercial alarm industry can match our guarantees.

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  • Sonitrol Western Canada Clients
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