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4 Tips to Keep Your Marijuana Production Facility Secure

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 31, 2018 12:57:23 PM

Marijuana growing in licensed facility

The marijuana industry is set to boom over the next couple of years. In fact, huge corporations such as beverage makers Diageo PLC and Molson Coors Canada are already investing, or at least planning to, in the sector.

A 2018 Deloitte report estimates Canadians will spend as much $7.17 billion on cannabis products in 2019.

While this is all great news for those within the licensed marijuana production industry, it does mean just one thing - securing your facility is absolutely essential. It will protect your revenues and ensure your business continues to run efficiently. 

Here at Sonitrol Western Canada we have listed our top four tips to help ensure you keep your marijuana production facility secure:

1 - Identify risks to your business

The first step of creating a robust security solution for your marijuana production facility is to identify any potential risks that your building or particular business may have.

Marijuana producers pose a very attractive target for criminals, especially since there’s a ready marijuana market for a quick product sale - knowing how to secure your site is crucial.

The large size and and complex layout of marijuana production facilities means your inventory is vulnerable to not only external threats such as a break-ins, but also internal threats such as employee theft.

It’s important that you have a security expert come in to identify your risks. An expert in security, such as Sonitrol Western Canada, will be able to identify all of the weaknesses of your business and come up with unique and specialized solutions that are individually created for your company.

Here at Sonitrol we offer a no charge and no obligation security plan. We will evaluate your business, your location, recommend how to improve your security and design a custom security solution just for you.

2 - Install verified security

Verified security is a unique solution that can be specifically tailored for your marijuana production facility. A conventional alarm system will simply be unable to completely secure your facility from thieves, and can in fact work as a timer for criminals who know they have around 20 minutes to get out of the building before the police show up.

Traditional alarm systems also have a high false alarm rate, meaning police departments are often hesitant to send personnel to the scene due to the fact they mostly end up being wasted police time.

Once a Sonitrol verified alarm detects an intrusion our 24/7 monitoring centre is notified who then verify that there is an intrusion taking place, meaning police always dispatch for Sonitrol verified alarm with an average dispatch of around 3-4 minutes.

The use of Sonitrol Western Canada’s unique verified security solution can be specifically tailored for your facility. One of Sonitrol’s verified sensors can cover 5,000 sq ft, and our team of experts will create a plan which strategically places audio sensors and CCTV right where they need to be for floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage.

With 24/7 monitoring and state-of-the-art equipment, Sonitrol will ensure that your marijuana production facility is secure at all times.

3 - Know who you’re employing

Due to the large number of assets that your marijuana production facility will have on site, your business will be vulnerable to internal theft. This means it’s essential that you conduct in-depth employee screenings prior to hiring staff members.

Background checks, particularly criminal ones, will help your business to discover applicants who are at a higher risk of committing internal theft. It’s also important to get references from past employers. Their insight into potential staff members could be invaluable when it comes to hiring the right team.

4 - Consider managed access control

Want to further protect yourself from internal theft? No problem, Sonitrol Western Canada can help you install a managed access control system that will give security to each individual room within your production facility.

Managed access control will allow you to control the level of access each employee has to specific rooms within your facility. By limiting the foot traffic to specific areas, your facility will be less vulnerable to both internal and external theft.

The system’s reporting functionality will also provide data that lets you know exactly which employees are in what room at any given time, meaning you will know exactly who was in any given room at the time a crime is committed.

Want to learn more information about how Sonitrol Western Canada can protect your business from security threats? Contact us today.

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