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COVID Closures Could Put Your Business at Risk!

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 17, 2020 1:42:00 PM

With more and more businesses being mandated to shut down in response to COVID-19 and the measures being put in place by the government for the safety of Canadians, the susceptibility of companies across Canada to crimes including theft, vandalism, arson and more is increasing.

In Vancouver alone, police have reported more than 160 commercial break-ins from March 1 to 26, commenting that “it appears thieves are attempting to take advantage of commercial spaces that are closed due to social distancing measures.”

While local authorities are doing their best to educate business owners on how best to protect their workplaces and targeting the offenders of these crimes determinedly, there is one important way that you can help keep your property safe (during COVID and after) and that is by installing or updating your surveillance system.

While most companies' first instinct is to go to a conventional CCTV system, these are not the best option. This is because these systems only record a crime and are not effective protection against criminal break-ins or vandalism.

Because they’re not monitored 24/7 and are unverified, conventional CCTV is not an effective tool in stopping a crime-in-progress. They only provide a record of the theft that you can watch after the fact and in most situations, the police will not be able to easily identify the culprit from this recorded imaging.

Instead, companies should choose a verified security system. These systems are monitored by live operators 24/7 allowing teams to quickly verify break-ins and other crimes and then instantaneously contact the authorities and provide them with real-time information to increase apprehension and minimize damages for you, the business owner.

But remember, before choosing any verified security system, you need to confirm what verified means!

Other security companies try to offer verified video monitoring, but they do this through the use of a digital recorder – when an alarm is generated their monitoring staff will connect to the system to view all of the video clips to determine if they see anything threatening. Having to view all recorded video causes a huge delay and gives the criminals more time to get in, get what they want to get, often before the Police are able to arrive.

If you are looking for a real-time verified system to ensure that your business is safe during COVID closures, and afterwards, you need Sonitrol SonaVision Verified Video.

SonaVision is superior to conventional CCTV cameras because detection is immediate. If the advanced heat and motion detection system is tripped, our expert operators verify the alarm and dispatch the police immediately who respond quickly and with adequate force to apprehend the would-be thieves.

Combined with Verified Audio Intrusion, our team of experts will be able to see, and hear, thieves as they attempt to gain access. With the addition of audio, you’ll have 100% coverage.

Sonitrol systems do not set off an audible alarm to scare the burglar away (or act as a timer for when the police will arrive). As a result they won’t know they have been caught until the police are there to apprehend them, leading to more criminals arrested and fewer false alarms.


For more information on how Sonitrol Western Canada can help protect your business during mandated closures, contact us today to discuss your commercial security needs!

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Joe Wilson, Owner of Sonitrol Western Canada

We provide our customers with the best commercial security solutions and quality service backed by our unique Guarantee and Commitment to Service. It's something unverified conventional alarm companies simply cannot guarantee!

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