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7 Reasons Why Your Business is Enticing to Criminals

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 23, 2019 9:33:37 AM

Why you need to improve your business' security

Some industries and businesses are more susceptible to crime than others. This is especially true for organizations that store high-value products in their inventory, as well as equipment or information.

But, did you know that there are things that you may be doing that make your building more attractive to criminals than other companies?

In this blog, Sonitrol Western Canada discusses seven common ways businesses are inviting criminals to choose them over a different target and the steps you can take to discourage them.

1. Your phone lines are exposed

Around 10 percent of the time, when a criminal gains entry to your business, they will start by cutting the phone lines to disconnect you from the outside world.

To prevent this from happening, ensure your telephone lines have been properly secured and placed out of reach. As an extra precaution, consider installing panic buttons throughout your business so that the authorities can be alerted even if you don’t have access to your landlines.

2. Your address isn’t clearly visible

Police and firefighters use your postal address, not your business name, to locate your property. When your address is not easily located, you make it difficult for the authorities to find your business, wasting valuable time and giving criminals more time to getaway.

To ensure your business is protected, you want to post your address clearly on the front of your building. If you have street entrances at the side or rear of your building, be sure to post your address here as well.

3. No signage

“No trespassing and no loitering” signs give the authorities probable cause to enter your property and question anybody on the grounds.

For this reason, it is suggested that you post signage around your facility. It will make it easier for police to look into questionable activity and acts as a deterrent for criminals by letting them know that you have rules and are paying attention.

4. Your landscaping is too tall

While most criminals will gain entry to your business by the door or windows, 25 percent will opt for alternative means, such as the roof.

Make it more difficult for intruders to get in by ensuring they can’t gain access to the roof by climbing oversized shrubbery and trees. Shrinking your landscaping can also deter criminals from using lower-level windows as there is nothing hiding their activity from passersby.

5. It’s too dark at night

Dark corners and poorly lit alleys give criminals a place to hide. Take away this advantage and ensure the exterior of your property is well lit. The best way to check is by doing a walk around at night and locating areas that lack proper lighting.

6. You are using keys

Keys are easily lost, stolen and duplicated. By opting for managed access control, also known as keyless entry, you are making it more difficult for criminals to get access to your property and make is easy to deactivate and replace “keys” when they go missing without having to rekey all your locks.

7. You don’t have dependable security systems

Professional criminals know their security systems and which ones they should avoid when trying to enter a business illegally.

In fact, Sonitrol’s verified security systems are so well known for their effectiveness, they deter criminals from even attempting to enter properties secured with our systems. This is because they know our security systems are verified, increasing police response time and the apprehension of criminals.

For more ways you can protect your business, contact us today for a free security audit.

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