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California Police Chiefs Association Defines & Prioritizes Verified Alarms

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 6, 2016 2:00:00 PM

False_Alarms_And_Verified_Response.jpgMore and more, police departments in municipalities across North America are redefining what constitutes a verified alarm, and prioritizing these verified alarms in order to avoid wasting Police resources and time.

A staggering 98% of alarms that Police respond to are false alarms (see our previous blog). Police everywhere are trying to work smarter, and more efficiently, focusing on issues that directly impact their community rather than wasting time responding to these false alarms.

Because of this drive to be more efficient, many Police departments are changing their alarm response policies. Both Calgary and Edmonton have recently implemented Verified only Police dispatch ordinances.  Last year, Toronto Police reviewed their alarm response policy to try to prioritize verified alarms. In an effort to reduce the impact of false alarm events on Toronto police resources and to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, a “verified response” requirement was recommended to be added to their policy and is still pending.

And even more recently, the California Police Chiefs Association issued new policy information, defining and supporting the term “Verified Alarm”, and prioritizing them.

From their statement document;

“...Correctly installed and operated electronic security systems is an effective measure to deter crime, and prevent the loss of property by enhancing enforcement responses to crimes in progress; ...increase the probability of arrests during the commission of crimes and will enhance the safety of law enforcement officers responding to crimes in progress..."

The California Police Chiefs Association recognizes the value in verified alarm technology. They know that verified security systems like Sonitrol’s are the key to protecting your business, warehouse, educational institution, construction site and more. Using Sonitrol Western Canada’s verified and customizable alarm systems will ensure that if a break-in or other intrusion or theft occurs, the Police will be able to prioritize your emergency and respond swiftly to apprehend the criminals and recover your assets and property.

The new policy also clearly defines to the public the importance of a VERIFIED alarm. It defines Verified alarms as, " electronic security system event in which a trained central station operator utilizing a standardized protocol has determined human(s) and the high probability that a criminal offense is in progress."

Sonitrol was started by a police officer back in 1964 with the goal of reducing false alarms and has been providing verified audio and video systems for over 51 years!

Sonitrol's verified alarm systems are one of the only systems that meets these requirements with a variety of video, audio, and infrared technology. Sonitrol has the highest apprehension rate in the industry and the lowest false alarm rate, under 3%. There are other benefits to using Sonitrol’s integrated and total security solutions:

  • Remotely monitor your business activities

  • Control access to sensitive areas

  • Reduce the instance of employee theft and workplace violence

  • Swift police response to robberies and other panic-type emergencies

  • Fire detection

  • Peace of mind knowing that the majority of criminals know to stay away from Sonitrol-protected businesses

  • High apprehension rates

You can download the California Police Chiefs Association's document outlining their new policy here . If you would like to read more about verified alarms, false alarms, and Police response, please take a look at these blogs:


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About Sonitrol Western Canada

We're so confident in our technology and responsive service, that no one else in the industry can match our guarantee.  Our unique verified audio and CCTV video business security solutions enable our operators to hear and see what is happening in your business before the criminals gain entry!!  We verify the actual source of the alarm, and we get the police to attend the scene immediately.  FOR A FREE SECURITY AUDIT, click here, or call 1-866-766-4876 - We are a security company with over 150 offices across North America serving clients across Western Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon.  

Sonitrol Western Canada, with its Verified Electronic Security Systems, is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive security protection.  Cooperation in the elimination of false alarms is not only beneficial to the system’s user but results in better protection of the entire community by allowing law enforcement to use their resources as efficiently as possible.


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