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The Top 4 Reasons Your Auto Dealership needs Sonitrol Monitored Alarm Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 28, 2016 1:14:25 PM

Security_at_a_dealership.jpegYou may not want to think about it too much, but theft and some more serious crimes frequently happen at many car dealerships. No matter what size dealership you have, used or new cars and trucks, high-end luxury cars, or used cars - auto dealership crime is a problem. 

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to have a quality security system in place, no matter type of car dealership you're operating, because your inventory comes with a high price tag - if you have a problem you lose, and it’s a big deal.

The best solutions is a monitored alarm security system for your dealership that helps keep vehicles, important records, and the people who work there safer. 

An auto dealership offers “one-stop shopping” for the criminally minded, with anything he could want in one place.

Here are 4 reasons why you need the best Sonitrol security system available:


#1: All Your Vehicles Are At Risk


Vehicle theft doesn’t just happen on the street or in mall parking lots. Dealerships stand out as a rolling landscape of beautiful, shiny paint jobs and ultra-modern technology. For a thief, it’s like a candy store full of the best treats on the market. And after hours of watching, the candy store might just look like it’s unattended - and criminals can't resist. That’s a dangerous combination.

With a monitored security system, your dealership is never unattended. During business hours, holidays, at night and on weekends, Sonitrol’s 24/7 monitoring station operators are always on duty. With the guarantee that an alarm from Sonitrol is proven to get your local police response faster.

A particular target that criminals will head for within the dealership are your vehicle keys - which are usually kept in one spot, making it easy to break-in and steal, or copy the keys … and then steal the car. Therefore, you must keep all your keys in a top quality key safe. 

Additionally, new parts are vulnerable, as criminals know you have a warehouse full of them, and often the security is not as good as you might like. Auto parts, new tires etc. should all be included in the overall security system.

#2: More Than Your Inventory is at Stake


The most valuable items on your lot might initially appear to be the shiny vehicles lined up in tidy rows. They’re your livelihood, and they certainly don’t come cheap. But what about all of the sensitive information and data inside the building?

Your offices and computers are filled with some of the most private information imaginable. Your business is not far behind a bank when it comes to storing information such as bank account numbers, credit check information, customer’s home addresses, and other private info. With a verified security system from Sonitrol, anyone who tries to access your dealership buildings, and attempt to obtain your customer records, is clearly identified by our 24/7 monitoring station and the alarm goes on, before ever making it inside.

#3: Security Guards Aren’t A Great Solution


You can hire a security guard, but some experts believe that armed guards aren’t a great solution as they might seem. They tend to fall asleep at night, and they easily get distracted.

With a Sonitrol monitored alarm security system, you have zero liability risk. With verified audio and video, you’ve also got eyes and ears from one end of your dealership to the other. You couldn’t hire enough security guards to cover as much ground as Sonitrol.

For traditional security cameras, the conventional model was the place cameras in strategic spots and record the footage. The problem with this approach, of course, is that the footage is only useful after an event has taken place.

With the Sonitrol suite of verified video products, we can send video clips directly to our Central Monitoring Station in real time. This allows them to immediately verify if an intruder is on your lot, or in your showroom and dispatch the police immediately - while the possible crime is in progress. This system has the eye-witness verification of an old fashioned security guard, without all the liability of a guard.

#4: Car Sales Employees Come and Go


The turnover rate for vehicle sales people is relatively high. According to Automotive News, the rate was about 66 percent in 2013. With employees coming and going, it’s only a matter of time before you need to restrict access for your employees.

Sonitrol’s access management system complements your entire security system and lets you decide who can access the building. Better still, it works no matter where you are. If there’s a new hire and you need to activate a key card, you can do that from your office or from a mobile device. And if there’s a former employee who needs to be restricted, you can do that, too.

Owning and operating a car dealership is anything but dull. It’s a high-energy industry with a lot of money and valuable property on the line. So keep your security front and centre and select a Sonitrol security system that is known as the best for auto dealerships.

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