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Tips About False Alarms From The Edmonton Police

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 26, 2014 8:31:00 AM


The Edmonton Police Service has a large library of crime prevention tips available at


Here's one particular resource I'd like to share with all my blog readers that I think is particularly useful and it's a big issue with many Western Canada communities.  How to reduce false alarms and how to follow the new alarm bylaws and permit regulations that are being implemented everywhere.


We have covered this topic several times in my previous blogs such as Verified Alarms Are The #1 Way to Stop False Alarms and we're big advocates to help reduce false alarm rates.


Here are some specific tips from the Edmonton Police Service that might help.


City Of Edmonton Police Department - Helpful Tips To Prevent False Alarms:


  • Please be aware that Hold Up Or Panic Key FOB’s in pockets and purses are often pressed in error causing false alarms.
  • Don’t allow your children to play with your keys, as they may set off a PANIC ALARM from your key FOB.
  • Ensure that anyone with your home or business key, has your ALARM CODE and PASSWORD.
  • Teach everyone in the home, or all business keyholders how to use the alarm.
  • If your alarm is set off in error CALL YOUR ALARM COMPANY ASAP to let them know it was activated in error.
  • If your telephone rings after you have set your alarm off by accident, ANSWER IT, it may be your alarm company trying to verify that everything is OK at your home or business.
  • If your alarm system is being serviced, ensure that you or your burglar alarm company contacts the monitoring station to let them know what is happening on site.
  • Most importantly KEEP YOUR CONTACT NUMBERS UP TO DATE WITH YOUR ALARM COMPANY (cellular, work numbers, key holder information).
  • Protect your business and home with a verified Security System rather than a conventional alarm system



Additional Information - City Of Edmonton Burglar Alarms Bylaw and Permits


City of Edmonton Alarm Permits are required for all intrusion and or panic Alarm Systems. Section 2(b) of Alarm Systems Bylaw # 10922 defines an “Alarm System” as: “any device which detects an unauthorized entry to; or an Emergency on a Premise.” For more information, visit


Upon receipt of your Alarm Permit Number issued by the Edmonton Police Service Alarm Program, advise your Monitoring Company as soon as possible with your Permit Number as written on your Permit Card. Your Alarm Company is required to produce the permit number to the Edmonton Police Service Dispatch Operator for response.


If you move or no longer use the alarm system, your permit will require cancellation. 


Ensure that the alarm permit decal is visibly displayed in a location at the main entrance to the premises where the alarm is located. (Front door or window near the front door).


Regular checks, battery replacements and servicing is your responsibility as a security alarm system operator. 

We hope you find this information useful.


Source: This information can be found at the Edmonton Police Service Website 


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Sonitrol Western Canada, with its Verified Electronic Security Systems, is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive security protection.  Cooperation in the elimination of false alarms is not only beneficial to the system’s user, but results in better protection of the entire community by allowing law enforcement to use their resources as efficiently as possible.


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