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Why Commercial Access Control is More Important Now Than Ever

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 15, 2020 11:40:00 AM

After almost 2 months of lock-down, we are finally talking about how to re-open businesses. This includes restaurants, golf-courses, retail and non-essential business offices. At this point, policies are being drawn up to ensure public and employee safety, and many businesses are trying to figure out how to bring workers back and get operational.

One thing is for sure - access control systems are top of mind for companies that were still relying on keys when the pandemic started. Keyless systems give owners complete control over their buildings access points and with so many changes happening with staffing and even operating hours, a good programmable security system provides flexibility and peace of mind.

Here are 3 ways that a keyless access control system can help better manage your building security.

  1. Don’t worry about lost keys - If someone loses a door key it can be a nightmare, and at a time like this - when some services like a locksmith might not be easy to get immediately, having to change your lock and re-issue keys would be awful. Keyless systems on the other hand, provide cards that can be deactivated if an employee loses it. It is easy to activate and deactivate cards without repercussions to your business.

  2. New employees? No problem - Many businesses have brought in new and temporary employees to help operate during COVID. With secure access control you can quickly create new access cards as you need them without having to get keys cut.

  3. Track Employee Access - Some businesses will continue to operate with remote workers but many of those employees still have access keys. Who is entering your premises when it is closed? Keyless access cards or fobs have a unique identifier. This means you can tell whose key card was used each time someone gains access to the building.

Putting in place a keyless access system is affordable and provides a far superior way to manage access to your work location. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it.

With the Sonitrol Managed Access Control system, you easily track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business, providing protection for valuable information and data, as well as the safest work environment possible for your employees.

With all the changes facing business coming out of Covid, new staff, flexible work schedules, split shifts, temporary workers, .. and more, a keyless system will ensure you can track and manage employee access, on your time with changes whenever you want.

Unlike other security systems, Sonitrol’s Access Control is fully-integrated with all our Security Technologies and our Central Monitoring Station manages the integrated access control, maximizing your security.

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Joe Wilson, Owner of Sonitrol Western Canada

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