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You Must Protect Your Codes

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 19, 2016 2:05:00 PM

Sonitrol Security System CodesAs a business owner, you have taken a great deal of time and investment in sourcing an alarm system that is the right fit for your business. You paid for the equipment and now a monthly fee to have the system monitored.  The last thing you want to do is make your system useless ... right?
We've seen a lot of weird things over the years in the name of security, but one that takes the cake - putting a post-it note with the security access number on it - right next to the security keypad!
Everyone who passes by the keypad will know how to disarm your system without causing an alarm.  
Just because the keypad may be in a private hallway, and may not be visible to the public, that doesn’t mean this is a good idea.  By posting these instructions, you give disarming rights to every vendor, contractor, delivery person and visitor that passes this area.  
Your security investment is now a waste of money.

To help, we've come up with a list of best practices on how to protect your codes:

  • Do not write the code on the wall, keypad or anywhere in the area of the keypad - In fact, don't write passwords down at all
  • Choose a code that everyone will remember - so that you do not have to write it down. This will prevent you from causing a false alarm and having the police dispatched unnecessarily.
  • TRAIN YOUR STAFF to properly use the system - and keep up-to-date with new employee training
  • If you feel uneasy about disarming the system using a code - there are alternatives available, such as using a simple swipe of a card, or key fob
  • Everyone who requires access should have their own individual codes, Sonitrol can provide 9,999 codes so no one has the same number, or one in sequence. Preventing staff from sharing their codes with any other staff.
Here's another way to make your alarm systems and investment useless. 
Alarm systems that don't get turned on! The only thing worse than a burglary would be a burglary where someone didn’t arm the system and the police weren’t dispatched.  
Sometimes it’s just plain forgetfulness after a long day at work - I understand. So what you can do is have your security provider call you at a certain time if the system isn’t armed.  Or there might be an app for your phone, so if someone does accidentally leave the system disarmed, you can arm the system from anywhere.
For more tips on how to maximize the use of your security system, contact Sonitrol Western Canada.
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