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4 Reasons Why Your Business Security Should Include Managed Access Control

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 20, 2018 8:30:45 AM

Keyless entry with managed access control

Looking to improve the security of your business? Perhaps it’s time you bring your property into the 21st Century with the implementation of managed access control.

Lock and key has been a way to keep assets secure for thousands of years, but rapid changes in technology have greatly improved the way we secure our possessions. Today we have new ways to secure our assets or locations, including pass codes, magnetic swipe cards, fingerprint recognition and keyless access control. 

Managed access control is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your security. A typical access control system can range from something simple, such a key fob or a plastic card, to a larger and more sophisticated security solution using fingerprint biometrics or iris scans.

Not only can managed access control systems track and restrict who goes where and when, these systems also only allow authorized users to enter your facility or designated areas at certain times.

Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from implementing managed access control, as part of your overall security plan:

1 - Stop Intruders

No longer will anybody be able to simply stroll onto your premises. A managed access control system prevents unauthorized persons from accessing certain areas on your site, wherever you choose to install these high-tech locks.

Reducing the amount of traffic to certain areas helps to lower the risk of theft or vandalism, and is a good method for securing data, high-valued products or even smaller items that can be easily pocketed by a thief.

2 - Account for your staff

We’re not saying you shouldn’t trust your staff, but it’s a simple fact that business thefts occur from both internal and external sources. If employees work in isolation and without supervision, it’s possible that occupational fraud or employee theft could occur.

The reporting functionality of managed access control systems will cut this possibility out. Not only can you control the access of your staff to certain areas within your premises, you will also be able to monitor employee access throughout the day.

You will be able to easily see who was in a particular room at the time of a theft, and you can also easily change or restrict access permissions if you are dealing with a change in staff schedules or disgruntled employees.

3 - Deter potential criminals

Most crimes aren’t like the movies. It’s unlikely a criminal is planning an Ocean’s Eleven style heist on your business. Some criminals will go above and beyond to commit theft, but most criminals are simply looking for a business that offers minimal risk and a high reward.

With the implementation of managed access control, criminals will no longer be able to simply walk straight into your most valued room and take your most valuable assets. It reduces the opportunity for “easy” theft, and as a result helps to deter criminals and minimize your overall risk.

5 - Combines perfectly with our verified alarm technology

Controlled access is most efficient when it's introduced as part of a multi-layered security defence, and not only is Sonitrol Western Canada’s system designed to perfectly integrate into our unique verified security solution, it’s also managed by our central monitoring station.

The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system can be programmed to interact with all other aspects of your Sonitrol security system.Authorized individuals can use a Sonitrol managed access control card to arm or disarm your building’s security system.

If a criminal somehow makes it onto your premises, you’re in good hands. Our 24/7 monitoring centre will be informed and once they verify the intrusion they will directly contact the police.

Want to learn more about managed access control? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada today!

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