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3 Benefits of Implementing a Verified Security Solution Into Your Business

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 23, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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Unlike conventional alarm systems, a verified audio and video surveillance system includes full-time monitoring by a security professional. If an alarm is triggered, the security company can quickly tell if it is a false alarm or if there is someone getting too close to your building.

This results in a number of benefits that your company simply cannot get from conventional alarm systems.

1 - Lower false alarm rates

With conventional alarm systems, you are unable to verify what is causing your alarm to go off. The result? You will not know what level of attention is needed to correct the issue without first going to the property.

With 94-98 percent of all alarm activity being false, this puts avoidable pressure on you, emergency dispatchers and the authorities and can result in higher costs and more time wasted for all parties involved.

That is why verified security, which confirms whether an alarm needs immediate attention, is critical.

2 - Increased rate of apprehension

When a crime is occurring, verified alarms allow those monitoring your security system to contact the authorities as quickly as possible - increasing the rate of apprehension and minimizing the likelihood of the perpetrator gaining entry and committing a costly crime.

Without verification of the alarm, it can take police upwards of 45 minutes to respond.

With verified audio and/or video electronic surveillance, this time is cut down substantially. In fact, with Sonitrol Western Canada, the average response time of authorities is just 3.5 minutes.

This ability is increasingly important as more and more communities adopt verified video surveillance response policies, which often state that police will respond to an alarm only if it can first be verified through audio or video or by an eyewitness.

3 - It doesn’t alert the intruder

Conventional systems often include an alarm that goes off within your facility. While the intention is to scare the criminal away from causing more damage and stealing additional goods, it can often act as a timer, letting them know that they only have so long to finish their crime before the police arrive.

In addition, it can give the criminal a head start, increasing the likelihood of them getting away without facing prosecution.

When verified security systems, like those at Sonitrol Western Canada, are triggered, they don’t set off an alarm within your facility. Instead, a signal is sent to a control centre, which is monitored 24/7, meaning that police can be dispatched to catch the criminal before they even realize that they have been seen.

To find out how Sonitrol Verified Security Systems can protect your business or organization, contact us today.

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