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3 Last Minute Retail Safety Checks Before Black Friday

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 18, 2016 10:30:44 AM

Retail safety checks before the holidaysIn last week's blog we talked a lot about security solutions retail stores should take into consideration to prevent theft, especially right before the holiday season gets under way. This week I want to focus more on the security of your staff and customers. Product theft is obviously a key goal that we all want to prevent, but the number one concern should always be the protection of those working and shopping at your store’s location.

 Let’s go over 3 different security measures that you, as the employer, should review, and act on as we enter this hectic holiday season to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

 The first security measure that should be considered is the capacity that your store is able to hold and the number of people you can manage at any given time. Black Friday, the days leading up to Christmas, as well as the few days after Christmas that are usually the busiest is when this measure will most likely come into play. Don’t over crowd your store in order to meet your sales quota for the day. The safety of not only yourself, but also your employees and the customers shopping at your location are in risk of tripping, falling, and losing control of the situation. By acting on this issue, you are preventing possible chaos and ensuring a safe working and shopping environment, and avoiding a potentially costly insurance claim.

 This may not apply to all stores, but it's important to consider. If you have a store that may have huge shopping crowds, then consider hiring temporary external security assistance for your store during some of the busier times to prevent possible accidents and mishaps. This will keep order in your store and possibly control the crowd before coming into the store.

 The second measure that should be looked into is ensuring that all of the equipment in the store is working properly. This can include, but not be limited to, cash registers, all your alarm and security systems, including door security sensors, panic buttons, locks on doors, light fixtures, CTTV cameras and more. Making sure that everything is working properly will help prevent any risk of anything breaking down while your store is full of eager shoppers, and also reduce stress levels of yourself and your staff.  

It is extremely important to make sure that your security system is working properly since this is the time of year when people get desperate and commit crimes such as theft or assault. This is a safety measure that should not be overlooked and addressed. If you are using an unreliable, conventional security system, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to a fully integrated security system which will be much more reliable and helpful than any conventional alarm system.

The third security measure that needs to be taken care of is making sure you have a plan in place, and your staff are properly trained for any incident or emergency situation that might happen in your store.

Security plans can include a fire alarm safety plan, missing child plan, customer fight plan, customer medical emergency plan etc., so having these procedures in place will allow you to handle most situations in advance.

 For example, knowing how to quickly handle a disgruntled and upset customer who has the potential to go crazy, and when to contact Police or Mall Security is essential - or when do you hit the panic button that instantly alerts the authorities that there is a breach of security and safety at your store? Being on top of all these security scenarios with all your staff will help them know how to handle situations that they may not be to concerned about during the slower parts of the year. Knowing what to do in an unfavorable situation will help keep the atmosphere calm and in control and may prevent injury and save lives.

Let’s go into this holiday season excited for the fast paced commotion that is about to take over our lives for the next month or so. Feel safe and secure knowing that you are ahead of the game on your security plan and you won’t need to take care of any last minute issues.

 Sonitrol Western Canada are retail security experts, and can help you every step of the way of to plan and implement a security system that is right for you, so you’re ready to take on the crowds.

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