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Access Control Is An Essential Part Of Your Total Security Solution

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 10, 2015 10:39:08 AM

Verified Access Control SecurityAccess control to a site or installation is one of the most essential components of a good quality security system.  

It determines who enters the area, how the access is controlled, and what technology or equipment is used to make the access happen. An access control system can range from something simple, such a fob access to a larger and more sophisticated security solution using biometrics.

The best managed access control systems are  integrated with other security devices and are designed to seamlessly support a larger security system, such as; Verified Alarms, CCTV, and 24/7 remote monitoring.  

Controlled access is most efficient when its introduced as part of a multi-layered defense. Access control can be integrated with other core aspects to create a seamless solution to protect your staff, buildings and assets while helping you save time, reduce administration overheads and react more quickly to required changes.

The right managed access control system cannot only protect your staff, buildings and assets, they can also save time and money. 


  • Who has access and to which area
  • Proper exit procedures to ensure areas are locked upon exit
  • How individuals are identified
  • How individuals are tracked and monitored
  • Observing all actions relating to the access


  • Supervision of entry/exit of all regular employees
  • Doors can be programmed to open at certain times - good for shift work
  • Regulating of all packages entering or leaving the premises
  • Control of all visitors or contractors entering the premises
  • Issuing of permits to authorized visitors
  • Keeping of a visitors log book
  • Maintaining a record of all vehicles entering or leaving premises
  • Central monitoring has complete and instant control over access at any time


  • Stock rooms and valuable inventory cages
  • Basic employee in/out access to various areas of the building, office or store
  • Electronic gates/booms
  • Car parks and garages

How Is Sonitrol's Integrated Access Control Security Different?

Sonitrol's Access Control Security is not only integrated with all our other security technologies, but our Central Monitoring Station manages the integrated access control. 

Sonitrol access control is unlike other conventional alarm company access control in the following ways - so we recommend you be aware of the differences before you buy:

Sonitrol is a fully integrated security system so access doors can be programmed to be open on certain shifts.  If our intrusion system is armed the doors will not unlock.  This means if employees do not show up for work the doors will not unlock until the security system is disarmed.  If employees leave early and arm the security system the doors will lock. 

Different employees can have different access levels.  Employees who are authorized to open the facility will be allowed access and be able to disarm the security system.  Employees who are not authorized to open the facility will not be allowed access to the facility when the security system is armed.

With a phone call to our central monitoring station staff you can make changes to the access system, at any time, add employees, delete employees, change access levels and door locking/unlocking shifts.   

Increase Your Access Security Controls

You'll benefit from having your mechanical locks and keys replaced with electronic locks, badges, fobs or cards and readers and that will give you a lot of control over the security of the entire system.

  • Sonitrol technology eliminates the expense of re-keying or changing locks when an employee leaves.
  • Users/employees are less likely to set off false alarms.
  • Automatically regulating access reduces the need for on site security personnel.
  • The system allows for temporary access by visitors and vendors.
  • Access control decreases your liability and risk.

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