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How Good is Your Retail Store Security?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 19, 2019 9:02:00 AM

Retail store door security

Retail sales are set to boom as we move into the festive holiday season, but are you protecting your profits with a robust retail store security solution? Unfortunately, many retail store owners are not.

That’s why shoplifting accounts for up to $5 billion a year in losses for Canadian retailers, according to a 2018 estimate from the Retail Council of Canada.

Not only that, but a survey from the Retail Council of Canada found 54 percent of retail owners agreed that external theft is the most concerning form of loss for their business. Yet only 29 percent of those surveyed were “very satisfied” with their business’ current approach to loss prevention.

Many retail store owners are clearly not impressed with their current retail security solution. That’s why it’s important that you analyze your current security solution, and see where it can be improved.

Rate your retail store security today

Are you unsure whether your retail store’s security solution is effective? Then download our free “Rate Your Retail Store Security” ebook today.

After reading our ebook you’ll be equipped with a convenient checklist that will help guide your in-house security review. You’ll also be given 75 valuable tips that help you find out exactly where your store is most vulnerable, and what you can do to improve the security of your retail store.

Once you have used the ebook to rate your store’s security, you’ll know exactly how Sonitrol Western Canada can help implement a world-class, custom security solution that protects your retail store from theft, break and enter, armed robbery, vandalism and many other crimes.

The importance of a verified alarm

One of the main reasons for ineffective retail store security is down to a large number of businesses using old and outdated conventional CCTV security systems that are simply no longer fit for purpose.

Conventional CCTV systems merely record a crime as it takes place. This may help your business find a criminal after they’ve left your property, but wouldn’t you rather stop them in the act and prevent them from making off with your valuable assets?

That’s exactly where a verified alarm system will help. Verified alarms are monitored in a central monitoring station, if there’s a real threat to your business a security expert will notify the police immediately with real-time information.

Since these alarms are verified, police have an average dispatch time of just 3-4 minutes for Sonitrol Western Canada alarms. That’s why we have the highest criminal apprehension rate in the industry, with more than 175,000 arrests to date.

Other steps you can take to improve the security of your retail store and minimize loss, include:

  • Ensure all possible entries to your store are properly secured.
  • Train your staff to understand the warning signs of crime and how to respond.
  • Make sure you are properly insured.
  • Secure high ticket items with extra measures such as managed access control.
  • Minimize the amount of cash you hold in your store.

Are you looking to vastly improve your retail store’s security? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada today. We will help you develop a proper security strategy that prevents crime and ensures you get the profit that your business deserves.

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