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How to Secure Your Retail Business During the Holiday Season

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 26, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Retail owner taking payment from customerThe time between Thanksgiving and New Years is a time for celebration, delicious meals and catching up with the people who are most important to you. However, with the good comes the bad and the holiday season also means an increased need for security at your retail store. 

As a retailer, the holiday season means more business and increased cash flow. Unfortunately, however, there will be many thieves looking to capitalize on your success and that means you are at a greater risk of retail theft and other criminal acts, both internally and externally.

To ensure your business is well protected and that losses are minimized, Sonitrol Western Canada has listed eight tips that will help secure your retail store this coming holiday season:

  1. Ensure your staff are trained and equipped to handle the increase in foot traffic to your premises.
  2. Consider hiring additional staff to assist with additional sales and extended hours but be sure to screen them using criminal checks, reference checks and a thorough interview process.
  3. Ensure employees are actively moving around the store to help customers and act as a deterring presence for thieves.
  4. Minimize the amount of cash kept in tills and within the store. Increase cash pickups for deposit runs to minimize the amount of cash on hand.
  5. Teach your employees how to identify counterfeit money. For more information on counterfeit money, how to identify it and what to do with it, visit the Bank of Canada website.
  6. Station an employee at the exit to check bags and receipts.
  7. Place security tags on your products, especially high-value ones or products that can be easily snuck out.
  8. Most importantly of all, invest in a retail security solution.

Investing in a retail security solution will not only protect your business, employees and inventory, but it will also assist in the apprehension of criminals if a crime does occur.

Verified security

An integrated Sonitrol verified CCTV security system will track your key processes from cash transactions to closing tills to receiving or shipping. Employees are significantly less likely to commit theft when they know they are being watched. If there is an outside threat, our expert team of security specialists monitor and inform the authorities in real time.

Our CCTV systems can be integrated with your point-of-sale registers and automatically identify unusual transactions, incorrect transactions, fraudulent transactions, as well as identify employee theft with video evidence.

Access control

Another important technology for preventing loss is managed access control for your most valuable goods, which can limit your employees’ access to certain areas and keep a tighter lock on your inventory.

Implementing Sonitrol Access Management gives you the flexibility of assigning different levels of access to staff. Employees who are not authorized to open or close the store or access secure areas will not be allowed to do so when the security system is live.

Fire detection

You know the extreme damage a fire can do. Early detection and verification are key to limiting loss due to fire, and both are Sonitrol Western Canada specialties. You'll rest easy when our experts monitor your facility for fire.

The key to prevention of loss by fire is speed and verification. A Sonitrol Fire Detection System, combined with our ability to provide 24-hour monitoring by operators at our central monitoring centre, gives your business the protection you need.

Why Sonitrol?

Whether you’re an independent retailer or a regional or national chain, Sonitrol is uniquely positioned to meet your needs. We are the third largest commercial security company in North America and the verified leader in electronic security. We offer national resources, as well as strong local support, knowledge and resources to get the job done right.

Our Retail Security Solution doesn't just monitor employee activity or record break-ins and theft, we will also immediately alert the police that there are intruders, significantly increasing the rate of apprehension over conventional CCTV security alarms.

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