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More Threat of Copper Theft as Prices Rise

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 11, 2017 1:20:00 PM

thief-1562699_1920.jpgCriminals are constantly adapting, thinking of new ways to commit crime and have been known to even monitor news and social media to find opportunities. A recent apprehension by our security solution Sonavision captured a copper thief in the act.

Copper prices have been fluctuating in recent years, but saw a real surge in Q3 of 2017, reaching its highest price in almost three years. Between May and September alone, the commodity jumped around 20% due to multiple international and national factors, from US dollar uncertainty to China’s booming economy.

Metal thieves are very opportunistic and keep an eye on these changes, and Copper’s high value creates a growing temptation to commit theft, from copper pipes, copper wire or other components made out of copper. Certain copper grades can be sold in bulk per pound, making scrap yards, compounds or construction sites targets for these thieves.

Preventing Copper Theft

The best way to secure your copper and other metals is at the source. Here are a few things to consider to increase your security and decrease your risk of materials theft:

  • Keep your landscaping minimal to limit hiding places for criminals on your property
  • Secure all access points to your building, doors, windows, roof access
  • Increase exterior lighting
  • Secure all metals and equipment in a locked compound or a well lit exterior area with at least a 6 foot wire fence (Local regulations vary) with locked gates
  • Pull together an inventory list of all your bulk metal and equipment, to provide to your insurer and local authorities in the event of a theft
  • Remove anything that could be climbed to access a roof, from materials, to trees to scaffolds
  • Don’t overstock to reduce potential theft


Security Recommendations to Help Prevent Copper Theft

verified security solution is one of the best security measures you can put in place to protect your company from theft. The use of a verified perimeter alarm, such as SonaVision Live Monitored Video (which we monitor 24/7) can help prevent thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of your copper.

SonaVision is a significantly better security solution than a conventional CCTV system, because our system’s detection is immediate. If the advanced heat & motion detection system is triggered, our highly skilled operators verify the alarm and dispatch local authorities immediately. The average police response to Sonitrol alarms is 3.5 minutes.

If you want to discuss crime prevention and commercial security for your compound, company or construction yard, contact us about SonaVision as a solution for your security requirements.

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