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How to Protect Your Construction Site from Vandalism and Theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 31, 2019 11:00:00 AM


Two of the most common crimes that affect construction sites are theft and vandalism.

This is often due to lack of security which leaves machines, equipment, tools, materials and the building which is being constructed unguarded in an environment that is perfect for camouflaging criminals – dark and unoccupied.

Effective ways to manage your site and protect against vandalism and theft include maintaining a proper inventory of tools and equipment, marking property with your business’s logo, minimizing the number of entry points/ensuring they are secure when not in use, and install lighting to keep your site well lit.

Other protective measures include:

  • Fencing the construction site.
  • Requiring visitors to sign in.
  • Displaying “no trespassing” signs.
  • Having security measures in place and ensuring they are followed by all employees.
  • Installing GPS systems in drivable equipment, i.e. heavy machines, vehicles.
  • Using locking oil and gas caps.
  • Ensuring vehicles are locked when sitting for long periods of time or left unsupervised.
  • Disconnecting vehicle and machinery batteries at the end of the day.
  • Using radio frequency identification technology on your most valuable tools and identification for entry purposes.

Most importantly, however, is investing in an effective security solution.

At Sonitrol Western Canada, we offer unique verified audio and video business security solutions like SonaVision, which is a construction site security solution that detects criminals as they enter the construction site and allows for the swiftest response time from authorities.

SonaVision is an integrated security solution that uses advanced video and motion detection equipment to create an electronic perimeter around the construction site as well as audio and infrared, so our operators can listen and see in the dark. When the system is armed it will sense any heat or movement around the construction compound.

SonaVision is vastly superior to standard, digital recorder-based, monitored video, and static CCTV cameras that simply record video. That’s because SonaVision detection is immediate and verified.

This means that the police will respond to it quickly and without question. When the police arrive, vandals and thieves are apprehended before they get a chance to leave the property, minimizing the time you must spend locating property, cleaning up vandalism and waiting for the criminals to be apprehended.

For more information on SonoVision and other construction site security options, contact us today.

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