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The Best Security Systems for Protecting Places of Worship

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 16, 2017 1:24:58 PM

A southern Baptist Church in Georgia..jpegThere is no honour among thieves. Especially for those who are willing break into and vandalize a religious and faith-based organization.

While we would like to believe that even some places are safe from criminal activities, this is not always the case. It only takes a quick Google news search to see that this type of crime happens more frequently than you would likely believe.

Faith-based organizations do tremendous good for the community they serve, and a burglary, vandalism, assault, fire, or an act of violence, could seriously undermine their mission, not to mention put people at risk.

And while these organizations often make it a priority to be welcoming and create an environment that is open to all who are interested, it can also make them appear to be an easy target in the eyes of criminals.

The problem is that many places of worship in Canada have no formal safety and security measures in place. No security system, no safety committee, no partnership with first responders, no training, and no emergency plans.

If you are one of the many faith-based organizations without a security plan, a good place to start is to bring together a committee of community volunteers who can oversee security & emergency management, and build a relationship with first responders. Once this relationship has been established, you can ask local law enforcement, fire department and paramedics to do a walk-through of all your buildings and facilities.

In addition, you may also want to consider a comprehensive security system.

A simple and very effective security upgrade, to the buildings and offices used as a place of worship, is to install a keyless access system on all exterior doors. This ensures that, at non-service times, there is a managed and monitored access protocol in place that keeps unexpected visitors out and employees and volunteers safe.

To safeguard your facility further, you will want to utilize an integrated verified security system.

A good security program’s objectives are to deter, delay, detect, deny, respond to, and recover, from reasonably foreseeable events.

These objectives cannot be met by simply installing a traditional off-the-shelf burglar alarm, or conventional CCTV cameras.

At Sonitrol, we provide integrated verified security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of faith-based and other non-profit organizations.

Using our proprietary security technology — verified audio and video detection — our trained professionals can actually hear an intrusion attempt as it occurs. This unique technology actually reduces false alarms and increases the apprehension of thieves and vandals.

And, because we know that you do not want a security system to interfere with your congregation, we offer discreet security technology that offers maximum protection with a minimal visible footprint.

We specialize in working with faith-based organizations to offer a cost effective means that will allow you to protect your congregation without letting the security hardware become a distraction.

Today, the reality is that places of worship face the same security challenges as any other business, school, government, not-for-profit or commercial facility — and the liabilities that go along with it.

If this interests you contact a Sonitrol representative now and let us show you solutions used by thousands of religious and faith-based organizations to keep you and your patrons safe.

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