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How to Keep Your School Secure from Thieves and Vandals

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 15, 2018 1:37:03 PM

Door leading into a school

“There is no place for these illegal and disturbing acts in our communities or anywhere else in Alberta.”

These were the words spoken by Member of the Legislative Assembly, Lorne Dach, after a series of vandalizations, which demonstrated hatred and intolerance, were perpetrated in various communities across Edmonton - including a school basketball court. 

Schools are meant to be a safe place for learning, but ongoing security concerns can distract from this purpose. From theft and vandalism to fire and intrusion, public schools, colleges, universities and private institutes are becoming a target for criminals and vandals.

The first step to combating educational facility crime is understanding the key security points for keeping your building secure. Your campus needs an innovative and integrated security system that can serve the dual purpose of protecting both those inside the facility and the equipment, assets and technology that are vulnerable to vandalism or theft.

For more than 50 years, Sonitrol Western Canada has been providing comprehensive security systems for the educational community, becoming one of the largest providers of security systems to schools in North America.

This is because we have developed security programs that address the unique needs of schools. Our proprietary technology integrates seamlessly with a range of security features, including:

SonaVision video surveillance

Sonitrol CCTV camera systems offer daytime video surveillance, emergency-only surveillance, night-time recording, alarm-activated recording and many more video monitoring options. We will work with you to find the right system to accomplish your security goals and keep your facilities safe.

Audio detection security

Our unique audio detection approach provides comprehensive coverage and detects attempted break-ins through ceilings, walls, doors and windows. The moment questionable sounds are detected, such as a window being broken, our operators will determine the nature of the threat and immediately contact your local police department.

Managed access control

Controlling and monitoring people entering and exiting buildings and sensitive areas is becoming critical to school security. Sonitrol's managed access control systems allow educators and administrators to limit access to designated areas and high-value facilities, deterring the theft of equipment and materials.

Fire detection

Sonitrol's early detection and verification capabilities of fire are crucial to preventing serious loss. We offer around-the-clock monitoring of smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems, temperature monitoring and pull stations.

Emergency notification buttons

When a crisis happens, it is imperative that help gets there fast. We offer panic buttons to make sure that the police are notified of emergencies, even if a phone is not accessible.

Keep your students, teacher, faculty and visitors safe with Sonitrol Security solution for schools. That way you will be able to focus on what is important – education.

If you are interested in learning more about our educational security systems and discussing your unique campus’ needs, contact us or click on the below button for a free education security audit.

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