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How to Protect Your Pharmaceutical Company or Retail Location from Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 8, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Pharmacy Security.jpgRecently there has been an increase of pharmaceutical crime. According to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, incidents in the North America region increased over one hundred percent. This is partially due to ineffective pharmacy security and criminals being more versatile and creative with their methods.

The pharmaceutical industry is at a constant risk from both internal and external threats, from burglary, to internal theft, to missing shipments, this can be due to the access to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication. Pair this with the vast range of products stocked at pharmacies and the risk increases further.

Internal threats are as important to be aware of as external. Employee theft can be a huge risk within the pharmaceutical industry, as your employees have access to powerful and expensive drugs.

You should be aware of staff behaviour and even the staff member who unloads the truck and handles deliveries should be properly vetted. Internal threats can be for financial reasons or could even be due to drug dependence or addiction.

With stricter and stricter guidelines being put into place for medical facilities, pharmacy security is more important than ever. At Sonitrol, we offer solutions for healthcare locations which help with compliance and protection of your property, patients, employees and assets.

We have special healthcare and pharmaceutical security solutions for the various types of facilities across North America, from places with high footfall, large inventories of drugs, and places prone to internal and external threats.

Criminals often target lucrative and highly addictive narcotics that are readily available at multiple locations such as pharmacies, making retail buildings, as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution units, equally vulnerable to robbery.

Why Sonitrol Security is best for your Pharmaceutical or Healthcare Facility?

Our Sonitrol security solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical locations don’t only record any criminal activity on your premises, we also immediately alert local police forces who can arrive on the scene within minutes and catch your intruders red handed.

Our industry leading verified video solution, SonaVision, monitors the exterior and interior of your medical facility and is triggered by highly sensitive motion, audio and heat detectors to detect any suspicious activity.

Having our security solutions for your healthcare and pharmaceutical facility is much more effective than hiring guards. Our technology can replicate a visual scan at programmable intervals establishing a virtual video guard tours.

We are also able to give you full video access so you can keep an eye on shipments, deliveries and track day-to-day work progress at your facility from any off-site location.

Integrated Security Solutions For Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Facilities

At Sonitrol, we're proud to serve the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Our expert team works with your medical facility to provide you with the best long term security solutions available. We have worked with the pharmaceutical industry for over 5 decades, and understand the unique needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We own and implement security solutions and technology that is not available anywhere else, build around our proprietary verified video and audio detection process, backed up by a professional team of installation, service and monitoring staff.

Sonitrol Western Canada offers a strong local support network, regionalized management teams, extensive knowledge and resources to get your security done right, we are one of the largest commercial security providers in North America and the leader in verified electronic security.

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