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Securing Your Business: Crime Severity Continues to Rise in Alberta

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 25, 2018 8:37:28 AM

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The need to implement a proven security solution has been brought to the forefront for Alberta’s business owners, after a newly released report found crime severity has increased in the Canadian province for the fourth year in a row.

The new data, released by Statistics Canada, shows Alberta’s crime severity reached a two-decade peak in 2003, then gradually declined for the next 10 years. Since 2013, however, crime in the province has been back on the rise. 

A rising number of break-and-enter rates, as well as possession of stolen property violations, pushed crime rates even higher throughout 2017.

The report measures the number of criminal violations, as well as weighting the violations based on their seriousness - derived from the sentences handed down by the courts. This adds up to an indexed score.

With an index rating of 110,10, Alberta was third among the provinces, with only Manitoba (118.1) and Saskatchewan (140.5) with higher rates in 2017. The national index rating was just 72.9.

Rural crime and the theft of vehicles was also particularly prevalent in Alberta. In fact, rural crime occurred at a 38 per cent higher rate than crime in urban cities.

Whether your the owner of a farm, construction site, retail shop, car dealership or any other business based in Alberta, security should be on the top of your agenda this year.

Sonitrol Western Canada has listed some quick tips to help you implement a new - or upgrade your existing - security plan:

Choose a verified security system

If you’re using a conventional alarm system, you’re asking for trouble. A conventional security system does not act as a deterrent for a criminal, In fact, the alarm that’s sounded will more than likely act as a deadline for when they need to get out. Criminals know they have around 20 minutes before the police show up to a conventional alarm, and that’s if they even bother.

The likelihood of catching a criminal is far lower with a conventional alarm, and police are often hesitant to send out personnel to somewhere that could be a waste of time. More often than not, when a conventional alarm is set off it’s normally a false alarm.

On the other hand, Sonitrol’s verified alarm system has helped police apprehend more than 175,000 criminals. Once our system detects an intrusion, Sonitrol’s 24/7 monitoring centre is notified and they then verify that there is an indeed an intrusion taking place.

Once verified, our monitoring personnel directly contact the police who respond with an average dispatch time of 3-4 minutes. There’s really no better way to stop a theft as it’s happening.

Consider managed access control

Managed access control will bring a new level of security to your business, and will integrate perfectly with a verified video and audio security solution. A form of keyless entry, managed access control will allow you to limit employees access to specific rooms and stop random people walking straight into your premises.

Securing your building with keyless entry will ensure that you keep your expensive assets secured and out of reach. No longer will criminals be able to reach your expensive equipment, and the reporting functionality of the technology will also prevent internal theft.

Make sure your security system is designed for your business

Security is complex and a proper solution requires professionals. You can’t simply throw up some security cameras on your wall and hope that all your security problems have been solved. Security needs to be planned and tailored to your specific business, as well as the unique needs of your building.

Here at Sonitrol Western Canada we offer a free custom security plan, at no cost and no obligation. We will offer you multiple solutions to keep your business secure, and explain to you exactly how each method will protect your business from criminals.

Want to know more about securing your business? Contact us today.

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