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Why Are Audio Surveillance Detection Alarms Superior To Motion Detection?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 30, 2014 7:59:00 AM

In the 1950s, a man named Robert Baxter started installing microphones in walls to detect termite colonies.

Sonitrol_Intrusion_audio-detection-iconIn discussions with a friend, who was a Police Officer frustrated by wasting Police resources responding to false alarm calls, they determined that these microphones could create a verified security system and they patented the technology and founded Sonitrol based on his invention.

Since then, Sonitrol has grown rapidly to become The leading Verified security alarm company in North America.


Sonitrol has continued to use Robert Baxter's audio verification technology to outperform the conventional alarm competition in the industry. While most electronic security companies rely on equipment like motion sensors for basic, verified intrusion detection, Sonitrol relies on superior audio verification.


In this blog post, I’d like to share the advantages of audio detection systems over simple motion detectors.

As you’ll see, integrating audio verified alarms into your electronic security system, results in a superior system over the popular alarms from ADT, Chubb, Alarm Force and the thousands of independent conventional alarm companies here in Western Canada.

1. Audio verification is verified, not just detected.


The first big benefit of using audio verification, is that our audio surveillance will detect a break-in as criminals are attempting to gain entry to your facility. Conventional alarms can only detect criminals once they are inside your facility and probably on their way out with whatever they have stolen.

Our professional monitoring staff can tell the difference between non-threatening audio and the threatening audio of a break-in. With a motion detector it is simply guessing, the motion could be anything. A cat, a bird, balloon, plant, fluctuation in heat, car head light, anything that moves infront of the motion or , a thief – any of these will set off a motion alarm in the same way. Verified audio sensors help you avoid false alarm fees while also keeping your credibility with law enforcement. This by itself is enough reason to switch to audio over motion detectors.

2. Audio verification covers more area.


A motion detector covers a field of view 15’ out and 8’ across. If something happens outside this area of coverage the motion detector won’t pick it up. If the motion is blocked or masked with a piece of paper it will never trip. Audio verification allows more fluid, dynamic coverage. Each audio sensor has a coverage area of 5,000 square feet and cannot be blocked by pallets, equipment or raking and will detect the sounds of an intrusion as the thieves are attempting to gain entry to the building.


3. Audio verification can detect an intruder before a break in.


This is a big advantage for audio verification. Audio verification doesn’t work based on doors opening or someone crawling through a window. Audio verification works based on what it hears. This means that while a potential criminal is still fussing with the lock, an audio sensor might alert a monitor, meaning the Police response time would start from before the incident instead of after. That's right our monitoring station can send a Police response before the criminals break in.

4. Audio verification can help police during a break-in.


In addition to notifying the Police before a break in occurs, verified audio sensors continue to help the Police after a break-in as well. Sonitrol monitoring staff can hear what’s going on in the facility and relay this intelligent information directly back to the police so that they can respond promptly with proper resources.  How many thieves are there, What are their names, Where are they in the building, Are the thieves hurrying to escape? Are they preparing to hide? Are they loading weapons? This is all vital information for law enforcement officers responding to the incident.

5. Audio verification can help investigators after a break in.


Finally, audio verification simply provides more information than a simple motion detector. Technically, traditional motion detectors offer a binary signal: motion yes or motion no - just think of it as on, or off. Audio verification systems on the other hand, give Sonitrol a trail to follow. The trail could help us find how the intruders entered, what they were after, or what decisions they made while inside the building and this creates great evidence and support to the Police.


Police call a Sonitrol apprehension a “Skinny File” as they apprehend the thieves in the act on site. There is no need to start an expensive investigate to try an track down the thieves after the fact as they need to with a conventional alarm. Since we started counting in 1977 Sonitrol has assisted Police in the apprehension of over 170,000 criminals in the act.

In an effort to stop wasting police resources caused by responding to false alarm calls, Police departments across the World are instituting Verified only response ordinances. Since 98% of conventional alarm calls are false they will no longer respond to conventional alarm calls.

So why on earth would you install a conventional alarm system that does not receive a police response?


If you are in a community that police will still respond to conventional alarms remember the delays that you will experience in police attending to your alarm….. anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes after the thieves gain enty to your facility and if they are detected by the motion sensor.

Compared to Sonitrol which police prioritize a response to which is documented at 3.5 minutes….. why on earth would you place any faith in a conventional alarm?


With over 170,000 criminal captures…. Criminals educate each other and know to stay away from Sonitrol (unless they enjoy being locked up) … which is ultimately what you are looking for…. deterrence to a break-in and the associated damage repairs and stolen property.

As you can see - audio verification offers a number of very strong advantages over motion sensors alone. You can actually hear some examples of Sonitrol's break-in audio files by clicking here.

Verified audio always wins out over motion sensors and if you were to bet the security of your business in one or the other - I'd recommend you go with the one that works …..Sonitrol audio verification technology.


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Our unique verified audio and CCTV video business security solutions enable our operators to hear and see what is happening in your business before the criminals gain entry!! We verify the actual source of the alarm, and we get the police to attend the scene immediately.

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Cooperation in the elimination of false alarms is not only beneficial to the system’s user, but results in better protection of the entire community by allowing law enforcement to use their resources as efficiently as possible.

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