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4 Times CCTV Cameras Do Not Work (And Verified Security Does)

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 28, 2020 12:55:39 PM

A traditional CCTV camera

Sure, CCTV cameras work in certain situations – when you want to supervise staff to ensure they are working, observing that worker laws are being followed, or even when verifying that products were shipped or received.

But outside of basic operational management needs and recording, CCTVs are a long way from being the best security solution.

This is because CCTV cameras merely record events. Unless they are being watched 24/7 by your team or a hired security specialist, they are only good for going back to see what happened. They can not be used to catch criminals in the act, and by the time they are caught, the damage to your business has already been done.

Here are four times CCTV cameras will not be the right choice for your organization's security:

1. When you want to stop crime

As we mentioned above, CCTV cameras only record activity so unless you have hired someone to sit and watch the footage as it is recorded, you won’t know that a crime has occurred until you return to your place of work and see the damage done. You will then be able to watch the video to confirm that a crime was perpetrated and, if you are lucky, obtain a visual to help the authorities locate the criminal.

2. When you want to identify the criminal

In most situations, the perpetrator of a crime will conceal any identifying features to make it more difficult to track them down. This makes it incredibly difficult for police officers to identify the criminal - making it far less likely that police will apprehend the criminal, regardless of the time and effort put in by authorities. As a result, crimes recorded on CCTV systems are often put lower on the list of priorities when it comes to deciding which crimes to investigate.

3. When you want to deter criminal activity

Due to the nature of CCTV cameras, criminals are not deterred when they see them. They know that, in all likelihood, these cameras are not being watched, which means criminals know they can get in and out before the police are alerted to their presence.

4. When you want the police to respond quickly

With 98 percent of conventional alarms being false alarms, authorities have stopped giving priority to unverified alarms, which are often used in combination with CCTV cameras. This means, even if a criminal does trigger your alarm system, the police may not respond for upward of 45 minutes - instead of choosing to direct resources to crimes that can be verified. As a result, even when an alarm is triggered, criminals have time to do damage and take off with property long before the police arrive.

So, what is the right solution in these situations? The answer is verified audio/video surveillance.

Sonitrol Security Systems is a recognized brand, even by criminals. This means that professional criminals will avoid businesses with Sonitrol systems on display, because they know the risk they are putting themselves in by targeting a business with verified systems.

Criminals know the incredibly fast response rate for verified Sonitrol alarms, which are verified and then forwarded by real-time operators in our central monitoring stations directly to the police. In fact, the average police response time for Sonitrol activated alarms is just 3.5 minutes.

Due to this, as well as our silent alarms, if a criminal is bold enough to commit a crime on your property, they have less time to damage your property and the likelihood of apprehension is far greater than it would be with traditional cameras.

That is why, if you want to deter criminal activity, increase police response time, stop a crime before it is committed, minimize damage, and identify and apprehend criminals, you should NOT invest in CCTV.

For more information on why verified security is the right choice for your organization, contact Sonitrol Western Canada today for a free security audit.

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