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Alberta is Cutting Down on Rural Crime, but Here are 3 Reasons why Farmers Still Need to Improve Their Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 7, 2019 11:00:00 AM

 A farmer working on their farm in a tractor

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has recently revealed figures relating to two recent pilot projects aimed at reducing rural crime in central Alberta - and so far they have been a success! 

The first project was launched in the northern region surrounding Wetaskiwin and ran from April 16, 2018 until August 16, 2018, the police said in a statement to news outlets.

Meanwhile, the Sylvan Lake region was part of the second project and was a joint forces operation with the Lacombe Police Service - running from September 1 2018 through to the end of December 2018.

The two projects, which the police described as “very successful”, resulted in a total of 129 arrests as well as the execution of 113 arrest warrants and 10 search warrants.

While this is great news and a sign that the province is crunching down on rural crime, the most recent figures from Statistics Canada show that rural crime in Alberta increased 38 per cent higher than urban crime in 2017.

It’s clear that, despite these two pilot projects in 2018, rural crime is still a huge issue in the province. That’s why farmers across Alberta must ensure they improve their security solutions and implement verified alarms.

Sonitrol Western Canada has listed three important reasons why farmers most improve their security if they are to protect themselves against rural crime:

1 - Most conventional security systems simply do not work

Unfortunately, conventional alarm systems simply do not work anymore and most farm owners need an upgrade. Conventional CCTV is not able to prevent crimes, it merely records an incident in the hope that police will be able to find the offender afterwards.

Conventional CCTV systems that are connected to an alarm are no better. In fact, conventional alarms result in so many false alarms that they merely act as a timer for burglars who know that it takes police at least 20 minutes to show up - if they even do.

With rural crime so commonplace in Alberta, it’s essential that your farm implements monitored surveillance CCTV video. Verified CCTV surveillance, in which a central monitoring operator verifies any alarms in real-time, will be your new security friend.

With virtually no false alarms and the ability to alert police in real-time while crime is still happening, verified video often results in criminals being caught while in the middle of a crime. This means your business is saved from pointless damage and wasted money.

2 - Your security system probably isn’t designed for your land and premises

Just like construction sites and fenced compounds, agricultural and rural farm facilities are particularly vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, fires and theft due to their size. As a result, it’s important to have a security system that has been specifically designed for the unique demands of your land and property.

Whether you inherited a security system that you have assumed works, or you are still using an old solution that was implemented before your business changed, it’s important to have a security solution in place that’s made for your unique needs.

When installing a new system, make sure before you go ahead with anything that a security sales rep visits your location, views your premises unique needs and suggests the various options available to you.

This will ensure that the security company is creating a unique security solution for your needs, rather than just selling you a fixed package.

3 - Technology has evolved

Most farm owners, like most business owners in general, believe all security companies offer the same solution and that their existing security will always be enough. That’s simply not true, and criminals now know how to get around old technology.

As with all technology, security systems are evolving rapidly - yet most security alarm companies use technology that has been around for decades. They buy their equipment from the same manufacturer and offer the exact same services and solutions, which simply don’t work.

Don’t be shy to invest a small amount more into a company that really cares about the protection of your business. Failing to protect your business will cost you far more than investing a little extra cash into a world-class security solution.

Want to learn how you can protect your business from rural crime? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada’s team of experts today.

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