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Better Secure Your Office by Asking These 5 Questions

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 9, 2017 9:07:00 AM

Better Secure Your Office by Asking These 5 QuestionsBusinesses of all sizes and types are at risk of being targeted for a crime. Whether you run a small business, a law firm, an accountant practice, or a general business operation, your business is vulnerable on a variety of fronts.

Criminals looking for cash, information or computer equipment aren’t the only threat. Employee theft, vandalism, and trespassing are also growing issues.

That’s why your office needs to take the right measures to protect the company, and the best way to start is by conducting a risk assessment.

Risk assessments help you identify areas in and around your business that provide an opportunity for crime. A Risk Assessment Checklist or Questionnaire is the best way get started.

Here are 5 areas you’ll want to look into when you conduct a Risk Assessment.

1. Do you have signs posted?

No Trespassing. No Weapons. No Open Flames.

Signage plays many roles in protecting your business. It doesn’t just make it clear what is and is not allowed on your property, it also maximize your ability to pursue legal action against someone who does not act in accordance with the signage, and can give police probable cause if they suspect a crime will occur.

In addition to signage that helps people better understand what is allowed within the vicinity of your office, signage that guides emergency personnel is also important, so that they can resolve a problem as swiftly as possible. Signs marking the location of first aid, fire extinguishers, hazards, etc. are all important.

2. Do you have reserved parking with your employee’s names posted?

Reserved parking is a valuable employee benefit but putting names on the spaces can put your employees at risk, making it easier for criminals to learn their names and determine their patterns of activities, such as where they are and when.

3. Is roof access easy?

Roofs provide an unconventional point of entry to criminals and the roof is often poorly visible to possible bystanders. Ladders, trees, downspouts and fences, which are close to the building, can make it easier for break and enters via the roof.

Similarly, removing or securing roof vents and sky lights can help prevent crime by deterring more adamant criminals.

4. Do you use metal keys?

Keys get lost and are often easy to copy, creating a security risk. Add on the time it takes to change the locks every time a key is misplaced and you not only increase risks, but the costs associated with preventing them.

Managed access control, or keyless entry, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for you to increase security, giving you the ability to lock out and create key cards on an as need basis, without replacing your entire system.

Sonitrol access management system is integrated with our Sonitrol intrusion detection system so different employees can have different access levels. Employees who are authorized to open the facility will be allowed access and be able to disarm the security system. Employees who are not authorized to open the facility will not be allowed access to the facility when the security system is armed.

With a phone call to our central monitoring station staff you can make changes to the access system, at any time, add employees, delete employees, change access levels and door locking/unlocking shifts.

5. Do you have an Verified office Security System?

A Verified security system is one of the best ways to prevent crime and ensure quick police response.

Sonitrol Western Canada offers special office security systems for:

  • Medical / Dental Offices
  • Professional / Administrative Offices

We offer an integrated, modular suite of sophisticated Verified security solutions that can help secure your office and your people. Plus, our state-of-the art technology — including verified audio intrusion detection and verified video surveillance — is backed by a team of highly trained professionals at a Sonitrol Central Monitoring Station.

Our Sonitrol Office Security Solution, doesn't just record break-ins and theft, we also immediately alert the police and they will respond to catch the intruders. And our unique SonaVision verified audio and video solution, monitors the office with highly sensitive motion and heat controls to detect thieves and vandals, quickly and accurately.

For a free Office Security Audit or for help with a Risk Assessment contact us today.

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About Sonitrol Western Canada

Sonitrol Western Canada, with its Verified Electronic Security Systems, is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive security protection.  Cooperation in the elimination of false alarms is not only beneficial to the system’s user but results in better protection of the entire community by allowing law enforcement to use their resources as efficiently as possible.

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