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Own a Business in Rural Alberta? Here’s Why You Need a Verified Security Solution

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 13, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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Owning a business is difficult. There are so many aspects of running your company that you need to get right, and spending your time worrying about external threats such as vandalism and crime should not be on that list.

That’s why organizations across Alberta need to ensure they implement a world-class verified security solution that will allow them to focus on what matters - running their core business and driving new revenue opportunities.

In fact, whether you manage a construction site, own a dealership or run a restaurant, the need for a security solution becomes even more necessary in rural Alberta.

Crime rates in rural Alberta, according to a report released last month by Statistics Canada, are 38 per cent higher than in urban areas. The police-reported crime rate in rural parts of Alberta was 10,964 per 100,000 people in 2017 (the most recent available data), compared with 7,920 per 100,000 in urban areas of the province.

So, what can your rural business do to ensure it doesn't fall victim to crime and vandalism? Installing a verified security solution is a fantastic place to start.

What is verified security?

At Sonitrol Western Canada, we can implement a world-class security solution into your company’s premises, which uses a modern verification system for both audio and video surveillance.

Once an alarm is verified by our central monitoring station, our operators will get in contact with the police without alerting the criminal. The exact crime and details will be explained, helping with their apprehension.

It’s due to this ability to verify alarms that Sonitrol has the highest apprehension rate with over 175,000 apprehensions, as well as the lowest false alarm rate in the industry at less than 3 per cent.

Due to these combinations, police respond to Sonitrol’s verified alarms with an average response time of just 3.5 minutes.

How does verified security compare to conventional CCTV?

At this point, you may be thinking that your conventional CCTV system is enough to stop criminals from breaking into your business. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Traditional CCTV security systems are known for their high false alarm rates and slow police dispatch times. In fact, without an alarm verification, it can take police upwards of 45 minutes to respond or, in some instances, they don’t even dispatch at all.

These conventional alarms merely serve as a warning signal for criminals, letting them know they have at least 20 minutes before the police even show up. This gives them enough time to take off with your most valuable assets.

Need more protection? Consider managed access control

If you already have verified security and want an additional layer of protection that will prevent both internal and external theft, managed access control is the way to go.

Managed access control, or keyless entry, is a way of accessing specific area of your business without the need for a physical key. It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase your on-site security.

By using electronic locks, access cards and a tracking system, your company will be able to ensure only authorized individuals can access your highest valued rooms and that you know who entered which room at what time.

Want to learn more about how Sonitrol Western Canada can protect your rural business from crime? Contact our team of experts today and find out how we can create a security plan that’s designed for the unique needs of your organization.

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