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Is Your Business as Secure as it Could be? 3 Ways to Properly Protect Your Assets

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 14, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Conventional CCTV on a wall

Have you ever been the victim of a crime and wondered why your security system didn’t work? Perhaps you are just constantly wondering whether your conventional security alarm is enough to deter criminals? It’s more than likely that you need to do more to secure your business.

If your business is like most in Western Canada, then you probably need to invest in new technology and implement a smarter plan to properly protect your assets. 

Criminals are more sophisticated now than they have ever been before, and as a result, business owners must be constantly striving to invest and implement the latest security innovations.

No longer do conventional CCTV and alarm systems prevent criminals from entering your premises. They have learned to circumvent these systems by entering through adjacent buildings, roofs and even HVAC systems.

Whether you are a retail store owner with high-value items such as jewellery and cash, or you own an office with computers and valuable data, now is the time to bring your business security into the 21st Century. If you don’t, you are leaving yourself at risk.

So, what exactly does your company need to properly protect your assets from theft and ensure criminals cannot get away with crime on your premises? Sonitrol Western Canada has listed three key things you need here:

1 - Verified Security

There’s a reason Sonitrol has helped police departments apprehend more than 175,000 criminals - it’s because we use innovative verified alarm software that guarantees dispatched police will catch a criminal.

Monitored remotely in real-time by trained security professionals that work in highly-sophisticated environments, verified video uses state-of-the-art and innovative security technology.

Through the use of audio detection, heat and motion sensors, criminal activity is broadcasted directly to a monitoring facility where these trained professional can verify whether an alarm is a real or false threat before they get in touch with the police.

Due to this verification system, verified alarms have the lowest false alarm rates in the industry - by a significant margin. This means police respond in just 3-4 minutes to verified alarms compared to around 20 minutes (or maybe never at all) with conventional alarms.

2 - Managed access control

Managed access control will give your business an extra layer of protection against both internal and external theft. This form of keyless entry will allow you to limit certain employees access from specific rooms and stop unauthorized members of the public accessing your premises.

The technologies reporting system means you will know exactly which employees were in a room when an item was stolen, while keyless entry also removes the vulnerability of your business to lockpicking.

3 - A tailor-made security plan

Security is complex, that’s why a proper plan must be completely tailor-made for the needs of your company if it is to work. When choosing a plan make sure that your security provider is able to design security for your specific needs.

A security company should visit your locations, evaluate your premises and suggest the options open to your unique needs. Each of these options should be justified with a rationale. A tailor-made plan should then be created, without the sale of any fixed package.

Want to learn how Sonitrol Western Canada can create a tailor-made plan specifically for your business? Contact us today to find out more.

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