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Security Tips: Protecting Your Business From Crime While It’s Closed

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 30, 2020 12:22:00 PM

Current events regarding COVID-19 have led to an increase in business closures and more teams working remotely. That means a business security solution is more important than ever before. 

The challenge for most businesses is that their offices and premises are being left empty for significantly longer periods of time. This leaves them susceptible to theft, vandalism and other crimes. 

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To ensure that your property and assets remain secure, you need to make sure that you have a security plan that works. Here are some tips: 

Increase visibility

Eliminating opportunities for criminals to hide their activity is an effective way to deter crime. That’s because you increase the risk of them being seen, and the likelihood that the police will be called by a passer-by. 

When considering visibility, be sure to avoid blind spots at doorways and windows, trim trees to increase visibility (and minimize rooftop access), install wall-mounted or freestanding lights 12-14 ft above ground to minimize shadowy areas and use bright lighting at all entry points.

Secure workstations and printers

If your employees are working remotely for the time being, it’s important that your company disconnects and removes computers that are not currently being used, lock all paperwork in filing cabinets and use a locked box for paperwork waiting to be shredded.

Similarly, ensure your printer is in a secure location and ensure all extra copies of printed documents are secure. Modern printers often store documents in their memories, giving criminals access to important information. If a printer is stolen or hacked, criminals will be able to access copies of recently printed documents. 

Managed access control

Managed access control, or keyless entry, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for you to increase security.  This type of security allows you to manage, track and restrict who goes where and when within your property, limiting the threat of crime and giving you an oversight of your facility’s activity. Keyless entry is an ideal solution for professional office security and office building security. 

Security video

By using SonaVision to remotely monitor activity on your premises, your business will reduce vandalism, theft, break-ins, and increase employee safety. This video surveillance management solution helps you by allowing you to monitor what is going on at your office 24/7.

Intrusion detection

Audio intrusion systems assist in verifying abnormal activity in your office. Live audio transmissions are sent to Sonitrol’s Central Monitoring Centre to verify the alarm and take appropriate action. Verified alarms are one of the most effective tools in protecting your business.   

Interested in finding out more about workplace security for your office? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada today and talk to one of our experts.

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