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Sonavision Verified Video Helps Stop Fire at Tire Compound

Sonitrol Monitored Video Alarm Helps Catch Thief at Tire Compound

Sonitrol Audio Alarm Stops Theft at Electronics Store

Creston Police Called to Cannabis Grow Facility by Sonitrol Security

Criminals Caught On-Site at WESTOWER Communications in Calgary

Break-in Stopped at Construction Site Thanks to RCMP & Sonavision

Sonitrol Stops Supply Yard Break-in - Video

Hidden Thief Caught With Audio Alarm in Large Chain Retail Store

Suspects caught during break-in attempt at Mink Lake Resort

Tire Thief Caught Red-Handed at Tire Storage Compound - Video Clip!

Calgary Police Stop B&E at Canadian Tire After Notification by Sonitrol Control Centre

Delta Police Respond To Sonitrol Alarm and Arrest Thief

Two Thieves Caught by the Victoria Police & Sonitrol

Sonitrol Audio Detected Warehouse Break-In at Guillevan international

Warehouse Theft Prevented With Sonitrol Security

Botched Break-In At Boat Facility - Detected by Sonitrol

Sonavision Helps RCMP Capture Criminals at Trans-Western Electric

Vehicle Thief Caught in Fenced Compound with Sonitrol Security

Tire Thieves Caught By Sonitrol Sherwood Park, Alberta

Heavy Equipment Compound Break In

Sonitrol Security: Tire Thief Caught Red-Handed in Calgary!

Thieves Apprehended at Warehousing / Distribution Compound in Canada Thanks to Sonitrol

Thieves Detained in Record Time at Recycling Store

Sonitrol's Alarm System Responsible for the Apprehension of Another Tire Thief

Sonivision is Behind Another Tire Thief Being Apprehended in British Columbia

Thief Apprehended at Major Tire Retailer in Fort McMurray

Thief at a Plumbing Supply Company Was Caught in Record Time

Audio Alarm Alerts Sonitrol to an Electronics Store Robbery

Calgary Police Make Arrest at Tire Compound Thanks to Sonavision by Sonitrol

Sonitrol's 24 Hour Monitoring Assisted in Apprehending Criminal at Equipment Rental Facility

Criminals Apprehended at Large Edmonton Retailer Thanks to Sonitrol Verified Security

Langley Plumbing Company Apprehends Criminals with RCMP & Sonitrol Systems

RCMP catch criminals attempting robbery at Sport Chek - Langley, BC

Langley RCMP Catch Two Criminals Red-Handed in British Columbia with Help From Sonitrol

Copper Theft Stopped with SonaVision Monitored Live Video

SonaVision Live Monitored Alarm Helps Catch Tire Thief

Criminals Caught Red Handed at Thermo King Edmonton

Surry RCMP Captures Construction Site Criminal with Sonitrol

Two Thieves Caught in Sonitrol Customer's Tire Compound by Calgary Police

Late Night Plumbing Supply Break-In Captured By Sonitrol

Sonavision Live Monitored Video Detects Thief at Rite-Way, Abbotsford

Second Capture in 4 Months Thanks to Sonitrol Western Canada

Sonitrol Alarm Stops Theft At Big Box Outlet Store

Third Apprehension at WesTower Communications

Sonitrol's SonaVision Assists in Apprehending Criminal at August Electronics in Calgary

Criminal Apprehended at BC Research in Richmond

Spruce Grove RCMP Respond to Sonitrol's Verified Alarm at Local D.G.C. Contracting Compound

Kelowna RCMP Arrest Thieves Sonitrol Alarm Activation at CORIX Compound

Sonitrols SonaVision Detects Thieves At Tire Compound For A Second Time

Sonitrol's SonaVision Detects Another Intruder

Helicopter & K-9 Dispatched Before Thieves Could Even Gain Access

Thieves Detected and Captured at Fraser Valley Wireless

Thief Detected By Sonitrol Breaking into Tire Yard and Caught By Police

Sonitrol gives police Actionable Intelligence to catch thief as he enters a work yard

Thief Detected and Monitored to Coordinate Capture with Police

Thief caught breaking into compound, K9 unit immediately dispatched

2 Thieves Caught Entering Compound By RCMP Dog Team

Thief Caught Immediately In Construction Site Stealing Cameras And Motion Sensors

3 Clowns Apprehended Moments After Breaching Fence Line at Construction Site

Tire Compound Thief Captured Minutes After Breach

Thief caught attempting to break into Mark's store

Man immediately caught breaking into Corix, Duncan

Man Caught Stealing Tires From Compound - Helicopter Dispatched

2 Perps Caught While Picking Locks At Entrance To Salon

Great audio clip of 2 perps breaking through a wall into a jewelry store.

Criminal immediately caught at Canadian Tire

Criminal Heard On A Roof Trying To Gain Entry

2 knuckleheads caught at Ward Tires

Edmonton Police dispatch helicopter in response to Sonitrol alarm at PACE Dewatering

Vandals Apprehended At Cressey Development in Vancouver Using Sonitrol

Allteck Thanks Sonitrol And The Langley RCMP For Apprehending Thief

Stuart Olson Construction Break-In Stopped At Downtown Vancouver Location

Sonitrol Live Monitored Video Stops Thief at Kal Tire Edmonton

Police Respond to Sonitrol Verified Alarm In Less Than 60 Seconds

Sonitrol Security Catches Criminal In The Act At Kal Tire Calgary

Sonitrol Security Catches Thieves at Allteck Line Contractors

SonaVision Verified Video Technology Assists with 40 Criminal Captures

City of Surrey Thanks Sonitrol For Helping to Protect Recreation Centre Pools

Sonitrol Monitored Video Catches Thieves at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Robbery at Kal Tire in Calgary stopped with Sonitrol Live Security

Sonitrol Alarm Stops Copper Thief at WesTower Communication, Calgary

'United We Can' is very happy they purchased a VERIFIED Security System from Sonitrol

Sonitrol made mandatory security system at Guillevin International's locations

Police Responded to Sonitrol Call in Less Than 4 Minutes Reports Windsor Plywood, Edmonton

Sonitrol Operators Heard Thieves and Stopped a Break-In at Aaron's Sales & Leasing

Criminal activity way down at Mott Electric in Burnaby, thanks to Sonitrol Security System

SonaVision Passed With Flying Colours Capturing Christmas Day Burglar at Royal Building Products Compound

SonaVision Live Monitored Video, Captures Thief In Surrey Plumbing and Lighting Compound, on New Year's Day 2014!

Western Logistics thanks Sonitrol Western Canada for their professional approach and service

Crime Prevention Centre secured by Sonitrol verified security alarm system

Thief in Construction compound caught before he could steal anything, reports Sonitrol customer Cressey Development

A&B Tools Ltd. thanks Sonitrol and the RCMP for stopping theft in storage compound

SonaVision helps Andreas Development Ltd. detect thieves on construction site.

Not a good idea to break into a Sonitrol protected construction site, says Raider-Hansen

Justin Bond reports successful criminal capture days after Sonitrol installed

Truck theft stopped by Sonitrol verified security alarm and the Calgary Police

SonaVision by Sonitrol captures theives twice in one weekend at Stuart Olson Dominion Construction

Sonitrol audio system stops thieves trying to enter Visions Electronics building

RCMP on-site in 2 minutes in response to Sonitrol verified alarm at EM Manufacturing

Criminals stay away from Sonitrol security systems - says Jason Grasby, Grasby Menswear

Automotive Company, Kal Tire talks about the RCMP response to a Sonitrol alarm

Sonitrol security system protects compound from thieves searching for copper

Vehicles protected by Sonitrol Automotive Security System at Barnes Wheaton

Suspects apprehended thanks to RCMP and Sonitrol verified security system

Surrey Christmas Bureau told Sonitrol's verified security system the best in the world by the RCMP

Police Do Respond to your VERIFIED technologies - Alex Orr, Orr Construction

Calgary Police and K-9 Unit sent to PCL by Sonitrol Central Control to stop theft in progress

Bottle Depot break-in stopped with Sonitrol alarm and quick response by RCMP

Federal Metals is pleased they chose to use Sonitrol Verified video and audio

Calgary Police dispatch K-9 Team in Response to Sonitrol alarm

Thieves looking for valuable metal caught by Sonavision, reports Flynn Construction

SonaVision detects thieves entering construction site at Ledcor Construction

Sonitrol verified security system stops copper theft at Rize Alliance construction site

Intruder apprehended on EllisDon construction site using Sonitrol verified video

Ward Tires thanks Sonitrol monitoring staff and the police for stopping tire theft

Sonitrol security system protects Wesco Distribution's warehouse and compound

Copper theft stopped at Surrey Hospital Construction site with Sonitrol verified alarm, reports EllisDon

Sonitrol verified alarms detects copper thief at Axiom Builders Inc construction site

Large facility at Woznuk Bros. Ltd. protected with Sonitrol electronic security system

Quick response with Sonitrol security system saves thousands of dollars in stolen property

Abbotsford police respond to Sonitrol verified alarm at Mierau Contractors Ltd

Langley RCMP apprehends thieves caught by Sonitrol security system with stolen goods from The Forzani Group Ltd.

Sonitrol Western Canada customer JTW Consulting reports criminal apprehended stealing copper from Construction site

The Zone Bowling Centre is pleased they chose Sonitrol active audio for security protection

Break-in stopped at The Keg building in renovation by Sonitrol verified security system

Scavenger thief caught using SonaVision security system for construction sites

Sonitrol security system gets prompt response from the RCMP called to MTI Compound

Haebler Construction thanks Sonitrol Western Canada and the Vancouver Police for quick response to theft at construction site

Chilliwack RCMP respond to Sonitrol verified alarm at Heatherbrae Builder's Construction site with K-9 Unit

Clutch Contractors uses Sonitrol's verified security systems and has saved thousands of dollars a month

Two thieves caught with Sonitrol security system at Penta Builder's Construction site

Darwin Construction states Sonitrol's Sonavision Security system saves them thousands of operating dollars each month

J. Floris Construction saves thousands of dollars per month using Sonavision over security guards and CCTV

Creative Technology thanks Sonitrol for assisting to capture a criminal in their store

Break-in stopped at Transport compound, Comox, with Sonitrol verified securitys system

RCMP suggests that Guillevin International installs Sonitrol verified electronic security system

Sonavision helps capture criminal at Vancouver Construction compound operated by Ledcor Construction

City of Surrey uses Sonitrol active audio to monitor security of outdoor pools

Bogner Construction is sold on Sonitrol and happy to tell contractors how well Sonavision works

Adidas Store Manager reports successful capture of intruders by Edmonton Police in response to Sonitrol security alarm

Thief apprehended at Whitewater West Industries with Sonitrol verified audio security system

Stuart Olson reports security expenses cut by 75% with Sonavision construction security system

SonaVision protects Capo Construction sites and has helped capture several criminals

The Crossing Film Studio recognizes Sonitrol's excellent customer service for their security system

Curtis Tire Services recommends Sonitrol Security Specialists

Visions Electronics thanks Surrey RCMP and Sonitrol Western Canada for capturing thief on-site in retail store

Sonitrol security system works for Westburne electrical supplies distributor!

Sonitrol Security System huge success for Diamond Bar Equipment

Omnivex, high-tech company, thanks Sonitrol Western Canada for their friendly, professional service

Value of Sonitrol verified security system proven to BW Creative Wood Industries

Sonitrol verified security system helps catch thief at RMC Ready-Mix Ltd.

Sonitrol verified security system detects water leak at Centennial Optical

Since installing a Sonitrol verified security system, Save More Plumbing & Lighting reports false alarms have ceased

Terra Nova installs Sonitrol verififed security system to protect against metal theft

Copper thief apprehended with Sonitrol security alarm, reports The Keg restaurant

Watermark Owner Dave Jonash recommends Sonitrol verified security for Construction sites

Sonitrol verified security system stops criminals at Maple Ridge Towing

Officers respond quickly to Sonitrol security alarm detected break-in at Allteck, stopping crime in progress

4 Days after installation, Sonitrol security system stops thieves from breaking into Westco Distribution

RCMP in Richmond recommends Sonitrol to Opus Construction for on-site security

Cascade break-in, trigged by Sonitrol security alarm, responded to with Police units, K-9, and police helicopter.

Troy Security recommends Sonitrol's Audio Activated Intrusion and Access Control System

Sonitrol helps resolve huge issue of security false alarms

Kal Tire reports that Sonavision helped capture crooks stealing from their automotive compound

Best Buy thanks Sonitrol and the Edmonton Police for capturing thieves in action on store roof

Thinking of a conventional alarm? Think twice, says Sonitrol security client, Ryan Manufacturing

Sonitrol's "How Criminals Operate" seminar recommended by Insurance company, Axa

Surrey Chamber of Commerce recommends Sonitrol verified security systems because of their reliable technology

Mac Station, an Apple Computer Store, thanks Sonitrol Western Canada for catching thieves trying to steal laptops

Cronus Security recommends Sonitrol verified electronic security systems to clients

Morgan Creek Corporate Centre comments on Sonitrol's straightforward approach to security

Thieves stopped during break-in at EMJ's Richmond facility by Sonitrol verified security system

London Police have experienced more success with Sonitrol than other security companies combined

Surrey RCMP responds in minutes to break-in at Publisher's office using Sonitrol's intrusion security system

Volvo Penta on the effectiveness of the high security Sonitrol system

Correction Canada very happy with the security Sonitrol verified monitoring system provides

Rona Loss Prevention Manager impressed with Sonitrol security systems and management

Mad Dog's retail break-in stopped by Sonitrol verified security system

Sonitrol verified security system protects 45,000 sq ft Canadian Tire store

Black & McDonald comment on Sonitrol Western Canada's quality service from installation to monitoring

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